Dress Like Casey Becker

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a costume that is both iconic and terrifying, then look no further than Casey Becker from the 1996 horror classic "Scream". Casey, played by Drew Barrymore, is the first victim of the infamous Ghostface killer and her outfit from the opening scene of the movie has become an iconic Halloween costume in its own right. Here's a guide to putting together your own Casey Becker Halloween costume.

Casey Becker Costume


You will need the following items for your Casey Becker Halloween costume:

  1. V Neck Cable Knit Sweater
  2. High Rise Tapered White Jean
  3. Blonde Bob Wig
  4. Fake Butcher Knife
  5. Classic Old Mobile Phone
  6. Stage Blood

The inaugural character in the Scream franchise is none other than Casey Becker. In the original Scream, Casey is depicted as a naive and innocent 17-year-old girl who is making popcorn while waiting for her boyfriend to join her for a horror movie on VHS.

To embody the look of Casey Becker this Halloween, don a matching cable knit sweater and high-rise white jeans. Top off your costume with a blonde bob wig, and consider adding a vintage mobile phone and fake knife to your ensemble for added authenticity.

How To Dress Like Casey Becker From Scream

Casey Becker Halloween Costume

V Neck Cable Knit Sweater: The centerpiece of Casey's outfit is her cozy and stylish V-neck cable knit sweater. You can find a similar sweater at most clothing stores during the fall season. Look for a white or cream-colored sweater with a V-neck and a chunky cable knit pattern.

High Rise Tapered White Jean: To complete the look, pair the sweater with a pair of high-waisted, tapered white jeans. This was a popular style in the 90s, but you should be able to find a similar style at most clothing stores or online retailers.

Blonde Bob Wig: Casey's blonde bob wig is also an important part of the costume. You can find a wig at a Halloween costume shop or online retailer. Look for a blonde bob wig that is similar in length and style to Casey's hair in the movie.

Fake Butcher Knife: No Casey Becker costume would be complete without a fake butcher knife. You can find fake knives at most Halloween costume shops or online retailers. Just make sure that the knife is made of plastic or another safe material, and that it looks realistic enough to be scary.

Classic Old Mobile Phone: Another important prop for the costume is the classic old mobile phone that Casey uses in the movie. You can find similar phones on online auction sites or in thrift stores. Look for a phone that is from the 90s and has a flip-style design.

Stage Blood: Finally, you'll need some stage blood to complete the costume. You can find fake blood at most Halloween costume shops or online retailers. Make sure that the blood is safe for use on skin and clothes, and that it looks realistic enough to be scary.

Putting it all together: To put the costume together, start by putting on the V-neck cable knit sweater and the high-waisted white jeans. Then, put on the blonde bob wig and use hair clips or bobby pins to secure it in place. Next, grab the fake butcher knife and the old mobile phone and carry them with you throughout the night. Finally, add some stage blood to the sweater and the knife to complete the look.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a Halloween costume that is both nostalgic and terrifying, then a Casey Becker costume from "Scream" is a great choice. With a few simple props and some wardrobe staples, you can recreate Casey's iconic look and scare your friends and family this Halloween. Happy Halloween!

How To Act Like Casey Becker At Halloween

If you've decided to dress up as Casey Becker from the "Scream" movie for Halloween, you may be wondering how to act in character at the party. Here are a few tips to help you get into character and have a frighteningly good time.

  1. Stay in character: To really sell the costume, it's important to stay in character as Casey Becker. This means being a little bit spooked out, but still trying to act as normal as possible. Try to mimic Casey's nervousness and fear throughout the party, as if you're being stalked by the infamous Ghostface killer.
  2. Keep a low profile: Casey was home alone and didn't want to attract attention, so try to keep a low profile at the party. Stick to the sidelines and observe what's happening around you. If you do have to interact with other partygoers, keep your responses brief and to the point.
  3. Use your props: As part of your costume, you may have a fake butcher knife or a classic old mobile phone. Use these props to really get into character. For example, you can hold the phone up to your ear and pretend to be on a call with the killer, or wave the knife around in a menacing way when you're feeling especially brave.
  4. Stay alert: Throughout the party, stay alert and keep your senses sharp. Watch for any signs of danger or suspicious behavior, and be ready to defend yourself if necessary. Remember, Casey was smart and resourceful, so use your wits to stay safe and survive the night.
  5. Have fun: Most importantly, don't forget to have fun! Halloween is a time to let loose and enjoy yourself, so make sure to take breaks from character to laugh and have a good time with your friends. Just be sure to jump back into character when the moment calls for it.

In conclusion, to act as Casey Becker at a Halloween party, stay in character, keep a low profile, use your props, stay alert, and have fun. By following these tips, you'll be sure to give your friends a good scare and have a memorable Halloween night.

Casey Becker Halloween Costume

Casey Becker was Steven Orith's girlfriend at Westboro High School. Orith was a football player who won awards. Additionally, she is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Becker. She was a huge fan of horror movies, especially the Halloween series. She got one of the trick questions wrong in the movie, ironically. You probably have a pair of light blue or white skinny jeans and a sweater in your closet,  Casey Becker costume is that simple. A blonde bob wig, a prop knife, and a vintage white phone are the only pieces of this cosplay that you should buy.

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