Casey Becker Costume

Casey Becker Costume

You will need the following items for your Casey Becker Halloween costume:

  1. V Neck Cable Knit Sweater
  2. High Rise Tapered White Jean
  3. Blonde Bob Wig
  4. Fake Butcher Knife
  5. Classic Old Mobile Phone
  6. Stage Blood

The first character in the franchise is Casey Becker. She is portrayed as a nave, innocent 17-year-old girl making popcorn and waiting on her boyfriend to show up and watch a VHS tape of a horror film in the original Scream.

Get the look of Casey Becker by dressing up in a cable knit sweater of matching color and white jeans. You can complete your costume with a blonde bob wig and optionally a vintage mobile phone and a fake knife.

How To Dress Like Casey Becker From Scream

Casey Becker Halloween Costume

Dress like Casey Becker from Scream;

Casey Becker Costume: The best part of this costume idea is that you probably have all you need for it in your wardrobe. Even if you don't have any, don't worry, this costume practically costs nothing as you can use it in your daily life even long after your cosplay. 

To achieve the look of Casey Becker, you can replicate the appearance of her distinctive haircut by wearing a blonde bob wig. Wear a V-Neck cable knit sweater of matching color and white or very light blue jeans for her outfit. You can get a vintage white cellphone, a fake knife, and stage blood for props and accessories. And your Casey Becker costume is ready in no time.

Casey Becker Halloween Costume

Casey Becker was Steven Orith's girlfriend at Westboro High School. Orith was a football player who won awards. Additionally, she is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Becker. She was a huge fan of horror movies, especially the Halloween series. She got one of the trick questions wrong in the movie, ironically. You probably have a pair of light blue or white skinny jeans and a sweater in your closet,  Casey Becker costume is that simple. A blonde bob wig, a prop knife, and a vintage white phone are the only pieces of this cosplay that you should buy.

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