Darla Sherman Costume

Darla Sherman Costume

You will need the following items for your Darla Sherman Halloween costume:

  1. "Rock N Roll Girl" Sweatshirt
  2. Pleated A-Line Uniform Skirt
  3. Red Cosplay Wig
  4. Over The Knee High Socks
  5. Cosplay Braces
  6. 6-Gauge Armature Wire
  7. Pink Backpack
  8. Mary Jane Flats

Update: Disney Finding Nemo Swimming Mini

Darla is the niece of Philip Sherman, a dentist. She loves pet fishes, but she is a bit of a klutz and often accidentally kills them.

It is easy to recreate the Darla Finding Nemo costume. First, you will need a purple sweater which reads "Rock N Roll Girl". You will then need a yellow plaid skirt with white knee socks and black Mary Jane shoes. You can also buy fake braces and hanging wire to recreate her braces look. Finally, get a Nemo swimming toy to further enhance the appearance of the character.


How To Dress Like Darla Sherman From Finding Nemo

Darla Halloween Costume

Dress like Darla Sherman from Finding Nemo;

Darla Sherman Costume: The 8-year-old Darla Sherman has fair skin, red hair with pigtails, green eyes, braces with headgear, a white turtleneck, and pink sparkling letters that say "Rock n Roll Girl" on her yellow skirt. There were white buttons and a teal long-sleeved shirt in the picture from the dentist's office.

Darla Sherman Halloween Costume

One of the most memorable characters in Finding Nemo is Darla, and her appearance is easy to pick out.

It's easy to recreate Darla's outfit with her purple sweater, braces, and pigtails. To complete the foundations of the costume, you will need a set of white knee socks and black Mary Janes, which Darla wears. You should also get a fuchsia backpack and a dental bib for accessories. To make the costume look more realistic, add the clips and metal chain. Her braces are probably her most famous feature. Get fake braces to get the look. You will be rocking Darla's style in no time once you have it all put together.

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