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Cassian Andor Costume


How To Dress Like Cassian Andor From Star Wars Andor

Cassian Andor Andor Halloween Costume

Dress like Cassian Andor From Star Wars Andor;

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Cassian Andor Costume Wig: #3 black short layered synthetic natural wavy costume wig.

Cassian Andor Bag: #6 Locking Laptop Briefcase Adjustable Satchel Handle Bag

Cassian Andor Belt: #8 leather belt holster.

Cassian Andor Costume Shirt: #9 tactical quick dry sun protection lightweight long sleeve button shirt.

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Andor Pant: #12 nordwand durable pant all outdoor activities.

Cassian Andor Halloween Costume

Cassian Andor Andor Cosplay

Andor was a 1.78-meter tall human with brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.

Andor wore a brown Corellian-style field jacket that represented his military rank, and also wore a personal identification transponder that concealed a suicide pill. He was also wearing a brown military uniform. With Jedha and Eadu he wore a blue-colored cloak with a fur lining.

Andor carried a canvas bag over his shoulder on the Ring of Kafrene and a backpack on Jedha. He primarily wielded a BlasTech A280-CFE blaster, a modular blaster pistol that could be reconfigured into an assault rifle or sniper rifle.

On the Ring of Kafrene, Andor killed Tivik and two Stormtroopers with a hidden sidearm. He used the same weapon to kill Krennik during the Battle of Scarif. Cassian's hidden pistol.

Through years of law-bending, Andor had honed his escapology skills, and he carried a compact security kit hidden in one of his boots.

Cassian Andor Cosplay

A man of striking good looks, Andor used his beauty to lure the unsuspecting during his service as a rebel spy. Andor is a dedicated, reliable, hands-on, and down-to-earth intelligence officer with quite a bit of combat experience. A selfless man who sets him apart from other, more extreme rebels who blur the same lines as him. Andor often remained quiet and reserved, a trait he had learned from his wartime experience. Although he fought on the side of the Rebel Alliance, he was so hardened by the war that he did not hesitate to commit morally questionable acts if necessary. In the days of the early rebel movement, he relied on the excuse of following orders to justify his actions.

Andor showed a degree of remorse and regret after some of his actions, such as his decision to execute Tivik during the Ring of Kafrene mission. Until his adventure with Jyn Erso, convincing him to seek redemption was never enough. Despite this, he was more morally ambiguous than fellow campaigner Saw Gerrera, who also went to great lengths to uncover information on issues, particularly weapons that threatened the rebels.

Draven also said that Andor is able to analyze information and act on that information without having to contact supervisors. Since Andor has worked for the Rebellion since childhood, Draven said that the Alliance is like his family and that his loyalty is unwavering. However, Mothma was concerned about the terrible things Andor and other Rebel agents had to do on behalf of the Rebellion. In fact, many of the missions he carried out for the Alliance were morally questionable. Mothma wondered if the command was doing enough to help agents like Andor deal with the psychological damage their actions were causing.

Breaking their morale in the name of victory was terrible for the emotional health of rebels like Andor. In truth, Andor had been driven to the extremes he carried out by the agony he carried within him. Having lost everything in his life, he was able to keep himself from contemplating his morally questionable actions until his time with Erso. It was because Tivik was killed or his attitude changed due to the adventure he had with Erso. He disobeyed orders to kill Galen Erso before revealing his inner anguish by arguing with Jyn when she compared him to a stormtrooper for following orders he felt were wrong. In the end, Andor's selflessness and regret for his past actions led him to join the ragtag Rogue One mission.

Andor, at the height of his selfless devotion to the Rebel Alliance, made the ultimate sacrifice he could and died to ensure the Death Star's plans passed to those who could use them to win the war.

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