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How To Dress Like Predator From Prey

Predator Prey Halloween Costume

Dress like Predator From Prey;

Prey Predator Costume Masks: #1 Predator silver mask, #2 Predator replica latex helmet mask, #3 Predator dreads hair airsoft helmet horror scary mouth mask.

Prey Predator Costume Knife Weapon: #4 handmade forged Damascus steel fixed blade hunting tri-edge Kris dagger knife leather sheath full tang handle, #5 kit Rae Allaxdrow stainless steel blackened steel shaft leather-wrapped spear, #6 Predator gauntlet forearm (3d printed) replica.

Prey Predator Costume Set: #7 Predator deluxe adult costume.

Prey Predator Costume Armors: #8 latex pauldron shoulder armor, #10 Spaulder armor sca articulated pauldron cosplay genuine leather Viking armor, #12 "Hung" middle age knights tasset battle armor-plated steel waist fault belt

Prey Predator Costume Accessories: #9 Predator costume 3d printed spandex zentai jumpsuit, #11 Predator alien deluxe adult latex gray hands.

Predator Halloween Costume

Predator Prey Cosplay

The Feral Predator was a unique specimen among the typical Predators, not only possessing a visually distinctive appearance but also wielding weapons and implements far more primitive than other specimens seen at Yautja. This was due to the creature's unique background - presumably hailing from a different, even hotter hemisphere of the Predator homeworld, and essentially a "desert raider".

The culture of wild predators is said to revere bone, not only for the crafting of their armor and gear but also as the key to the subspecies' diet.

Predator Cosplay

Based on its name, the Feral Predator is believed to have possessed lower intelligence than its cousins ​​and possibly higher levels of feral behavior. In fact, the Predator seemed to particularly enjoy hand-to-hand combat, even without using its wrist blades, when fighting and killing a bear with its bare hands. That's not to say he wasn't proficient in armed combat, however, and he wielded several unique weapons that he used to defeat multiple victims. The Feral Predator was also curious about the dynamics between Lawton's local fauna, and as he encountered several of his wildlife, he slowly built his repertoire of trophies, working his way up to larger and deadlier prey, from snakes and wolves to bears and humans.

While it is not known if the Feral Predator shared the same code of honor as its cousins, it at least had some traits reminiscent of an honorable Yautja and took little interest in loot it deemed inadequate for its collection other than that that Hunt Naru got a lot of it until she finally threatened him.

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