Conor McGregor Costume Guide: Become ‘The Notorious’ This Halloween!

Conor McGregor, the Irish mixed martial arts sensation, is not just known for his fighting prowess but also his flamboyant style and larger-than-life personality. As Halloween approaches, what better way to stand out than by dressing up as the notorious "Notorious" himself? In this comprehensive blog post, we'll guide you on how to assemble the perfect Conor McGregor costume, as well as provide tips on how to capture his unique persona for a memorable Halloween experience.

Conor McGregor Costume


How To Dress Like Conor McGregor

McGregor Costume

Becoming Conor McGregor requires a keen eye for style and the right selection of clothing and accessories. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to dress like the notorious Irish fighter:

Step 1: Fur Jacket

Start your McGregor transformation with a bold fur jacket. Conor is known for his extravagant outerwear, and a fur jacket is a must-have to nail his look.

Step 2: Floral-Printed Casual Pants

Pair your fur jacket with floral-printed casual pants. Conor often embraces bold and stylish patterns, making floral prints an excellent choice.

Step 3: Driving-Style Shoes

Complete the lower half of your costume with a pair of driving-style shoes. Look for shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Step 4: McGregor Accessories

To complete your Conor McGregor look, accessorize appropriately. Obtain a microphone (for those iconic post-fight interviews), a gold watch, temporary tiger tattoos (a nod to his nickname "The Notorious"), an Irish flag to show your roots, a UFC title belt (he's a former champion, after all), and, last but not least, a pair of sunglasses to exude that signature mystique.

Conor McGregor Cosplay

Conor McGregor Halloween Costume

How to Act Like Conor McGregor at a Halloween Party

Dressing up as Conor McGregor isn't just about the costume—it's about capturing his larger-than-life persona. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to act like "The Notorious" at your Halloween party:

Step 1: Confidence

Channel Conor's unshakable confidence. Strut with purpose, stand tall, and carry yourself like a true champion.

Step 2: Charisma

Embrace Conor's charismatic nature. Engage in conversations, make bold statements, and exude a charm that draws people to you.

Step 3: Notorious Swagger

Walk with McGregor's notorious swagger. His distinctive gait is a signature move; practice it to perfection.

Step 4: Irish Charm

Don't forget Conor's Irish charm. Use your wit and humor to entertain and engage with fellow partygoers.

Step 5: Catchphrases

Memorize some of Conor's famous catchphrases and use them sparingly for added authenticity.

About Conor McGregor

All About Conor McGregor

Conor Anthony McGregor, born on July 14, 1988, is an Irish professional mixed martial artist with a storied career. He's notably a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) double featherweight and lightweight champion, achieving the rare feat of holding titles in two weight divisions simultaneously. McGregor also boasts titles from Cage Warriors, where he was the featherweight and lightweight champion.

One of Conor's most high-profile events was his professional boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. While he didn't secure a victory, the match became a global spectacle and solidified his status as a global superstar.

Not only is Conor a force in the octagon, but he's also a financial juggernaut. Forbes ranked him as the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2021, with earnings reported at $180 million.

Additional Tips

Dressing up as Conor McGregor for Halloween is a fantastic choice, and with the right costume and persona, you're on your way to becoming the life of the party. To take your McGregor portrayal to the next level, consider these additional tips:

  1. Confidence is Key: Conor McGregor's most defining trait is his unshakable confidence. Walk, talk, and interact with others with an air of self-assuredness. Hold your head high and be the center of attention, just like "The Notorious" himself.
  2. Practice His Signature Moves: If you're a fan of McGregor's fighting style, consider practicing some of his signature moves. Maybe you can even impress fellow partygoers with a shadowboxing display or a playful sparring session.
  3. Learn His Catchphrases: McGregor is known for his memorable catchphrases. Phrases like "We're not here to take part; we're here to take over" or "I'd like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody" can add authenticity to your portrayal.
  4. Irish Pride: Don't forget to showcase your Irish pride. Conor McGregor is proud of his heritage, and you can incorporate this into your costume by sharing Irish stories, jokes, or even a traditional Irish dance if you're up for it.
  5. Stay in Character: Throughout the Halloween party, maintain Conor's persona. Engage with others using his charismatic charm and larger-than-life personality. Remember, it's all about having fun and entertaining your friends.

With these additional tips, you'll not only look like Conor McGregor but also act like him, ensuring a memorable and authentic portrayal. So, get ready to exude confidence, charm, and Irish flair at your Halloween event, just like "The Notorious" himself.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Conor McGregor

While Conor McGregor is undoubtedly a captivating character to dress up as Halloween becomes even more exciting when you involve your friends or family in the fun. Here are some group costume ideas that pair perfectly with the Conor McGregor theme:

  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov and the Rivalry: Recreate the infamous rivalry between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Have a friend dress up as Khabib with a papakha hat and his signature fighting gear. You can stage playful face-offs throughout the evening.
  2. The Octagon Entourage: Conor McGregor is known for his entourage. Have your friends dress up as his trainers, teammates, or even fellow fighters like Dee Devlin (his partner) or Dana White (UFC President). This group ensemble will make you feel like you're about to step into the octagon.
  3. UFC Legends: Expand the theme to include other UFC legends. Have your friends choose iconic fighters like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, or Georges St-Pierre. Together, you'll form a formidable UFC group ready to take on Halloween.
  4. Fight Night Extravaganza: Create a fight night experience by having your friends dress up as various elements of a fight night, from the referee to ring girls, commentators, and even enthusiastic fans. This ensemble will give your Halloween party an authentic fight night atmosphere.
  5. McGregor vs. Mayweather Rematch: If you're feeling particularly creative, stage a playful rematch between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Have a friend dress up as Mayweather with boxing gloves, and you can recreate their epic showdown.

Group costumes offer a fantastic way to share the Halloween excitement with others and create unforgettable memories. Choose the group idea that suits your friends and enjoy the party together, UFC-style.

Conor McGregor Costume FAQs

As you prepare to step into the shoes of the notorious Conor McGregor for Halloween, you might have some questions in mind. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions about the Conor McGregor costume, along with detailed answers:

FAQ 1: Where can I find a fur jacket similar to Conor's?

Answer: You can search for fur jackets at local thrift stores, or check online retailers and costume shops. Opt for a faux fur jacket for a cruelty-free alternative.

FAQ 2: What's the best way to create Conor's floral-printed pants?

Answer: You can purchase floral-printed pants online or at clothing stores. If you can't find an exact match, consider adding iron-on floral patches to a pair of plain white pants.

FAQ 3: Where can I buy temporary tiger tattoos like Conor's?

Answer: Temporary tiger tattoos are available at costume shops, online marketplaces, and some drugstores. Look for ones that are easy to apply and remove.

FAQ 4: Can I use a real beard instead of a fake one for the costume?

Answer: Of course, you can use a real beard if you have one! Conor's signature ginger beard is a key part of his look.

FAQ 5: How do I get the Irish flag for the costume?

Answer: Irish flags are readily available online or at party supply stores. You can also make one by printing the Irish flag's design and attaching it to a stick.

FAQ 6: Where can I find an affordable UFC title belt?

Answer: You can check online auction sites, costume shops, or toy stores for a replica UFC title belt. It's a great accessory to complete your look.

FAQ 7: What's the best way to practice Conor's gait and swagger?

Answer: Watch videos of Conor McGregor's entrances and fights to observe his movements. Practice walking confidently with exaggerated swagger.

FAQ 8: What are Conor McGregor's famous catchphrases?

Answer: Conor has several famous catchphrases, including "We're not here to take part; we're here to take over" and "I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody."

FAQ 9: Do I need to speak with an Irish accent for the costume?

Answer: While it's not necessary, speaking with an Irish accent can enhance the authenticity of your Conor McGregor persona.

FAQ 10: Can I carry a toy microphone for added effect?

Answer: Absolutely! Carrying a toy microphone is a great way to accentuate Conor's persona and can be a fun conversation starter at the party.

With these FAQs answered you'll be well-prepared to rock your Conor McGregor costume with style and confidence this Halloween. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your unforgettable night.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide on how to become the legendary Conor McGregor for Halloween, you're now equipped with all the knowledge and tips you need to make your transformation a resounding success. Remember, it's not just about the costume; it's about embodying the charisma, confidence, and style that make McGregor the icon he is.

Whether you're walking into a Halloween party, a costume event, or just enjoying the holiday festivities, this costume choice is sure to turn heads and make you the center of attention. Channel your inner "Notorious" and seize the moment.

From the extravagant fur jacket to the unmistakable swagger, every detail counts in capturing Conor McGregor's essence. So, step out with confidence, charm, and a memorable catchphrase in your pocket. The world is your oyster, and you're here to take over!

We hope you have a Halloween filled with fun, charisma, and unforgettable memories as you become Conor McGregor for a day. Now go ahead, suit up, and show the world your fighting spirit – just like "The Notorious."

If you're looking for more costume ideas or have any other questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to make your Halloween a roaring success.

Wishing you a fantastic and charismatic Halloween as Conor McGregor himself would say, "You can't touch this!"

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