Dress Like Burt Berendsen

Burt Berendsen Costume


You will need the following items for your Dr. Burt Berendsen Halloween Costume:

Liz Meekins Amsterdam Outfits

How To Dress Like Burt Berendsen From Amsterdam

Burt Berendsen Amsterdam Halloween Costume

Dress like Dr. Burt Berendsen from Amsterdam;


Burt Berendsen Costume Wig: #1 brown short curly wig.

Burt Berendsen Costume Hat: #2 timelessly classic Manhattan fedora hat.

Burt Berendsen Costume Accessories: #3 herringbone forest green tweed bow tie, #5 vintage three-color polka dots woven pre-tied bow tie.

Burt Berendsen Costume Shirt: #4 1920s 30s style white cotton penny collar Peaky Blinders shirt.

Burt Berendsen Suit: #6 tweed herringbone wedding suit prom tuxedos 3-piece peak lapel dress.

Burt Berendsen Watch: #7 vintage mechanical pocket watch.

Burt Berendsen Costume Shoe: #8 lace-up leather lined round toe dress oxford shoe.

Dr. Burt Berendsen Halloween Costume

Burt Berendsen Amsterdam Cosplay

Written and directed by David O. Russell. Amsterdam had an abundance of Hollywood's brightest stars, but each had very little to do.

Amsterdam is an A-list cast tasked with the extraordinary task of piecing together the scattered pieces of a storyline. Amsterdam is crime, romance. There is very little but an actual story.

Burt Berendsen Cosplay

Christian Bale plays Dr. Burt Berendsen, a glassy-eyed, scar-faced doctor. Burt has a good heart Christian Bale's Amsterdam character spends a lot of time asking everyone to stay optimistic.

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