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Cosmo Costume

How To Dress Like Cosmo And Wanda From The Fairly OddParents

Cosmo and Wanda Halloween Costume

Dress like Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents;

Wanda Costume: Wanda Halloween costume is pretty much straightforward except for the hair and eyes. You need a yellow t-shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. The give yourself a proper fairy look you need a light blue fairy wig and a gold wand. To complete your Wanda Halloween costume don't forget a pink wig and pink-colored contact lenses.

Cosmo Costume: Just like Wanda costume, Cosmo costume is straightforward as well. You just need black dress pants and a white dress shirt. The tricky part in the suit is your tie should be flat bottom, you can cut one of your existing ties or buy a new one. You need the same fairy supplies for Cosmo. And the most important piece of Cosmo costume is a green wig. 

Cosmo And Wanda Halloween Costume

Cosmo and Wanda Cosplay

Cosmo and Wanda are two of the six main characters in The Fairly OddParents. They are the godparents of Timmy and Chloe. They also puff a little boy after Timmy wished they had a child together. They have been married for 9,850 years.

They first met at a fairy diner where Cosmo was working as a waitress, according to her love song Floating With You in the film School's Out: The Musical. Shortly afterward they married, which Cosmo's mother, Mama Cosma, did not know because she did not approve of Wanda, although in the episode "Apartnership" it became known that Mama Cosma has nothing personal against Wanda, she is simply annoyed with every woman. especially those whom she cannot control, who would take away their precious son from them.

Cosmo and Wanda Couple Costume

There are several versions of how Cosmo and Wanda met, one of which is Cosmo, who dies working in a restaurant, meets Wanda and immediately falls in love with her after a long time trying to say he loves her, but she has it already guessed another being when they were teenagers, told that they don't like each other, but are still married and eventually one where they meet when he runs over her with his car. The first version seems the most likely of the three.

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