Trixie and Timmy Costume

Trixie and Timmy was the most popular couple costume idea in Halloween 2021 according to google trends. I bet it will remain in the same spot in 2022 as well. Scroll down to see Trixie and Timmy Halloween costumes.

Trixie Tang Costume

You need the following items for your Trixie Tang Halloween costume:

  1. Mock Neck Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt


      2. Turtleneck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

      3. Tennis Skirts with Pockets Built-in Shorts

      4. Long Straight Black Wig

      5. Purple Eyeshadow

      6. Square Toe Ankle Boots


Timmy Turner Costume

How To Dress Like Trixie And Timmy From The Fairly OddParents

Trixie And Timmy Cosplay

Dress like Trixie and Timmy from The Fairly OddParents;

Trixie's Outfit: Trixie Tang outfit consists of a white mini skirt, a purple turtleneck sweater, and white boots. To complete your Trixie Tang Halloween costume don't forget a purple headband.

Timmy's Outfit: Timmy Turner's outfit consists of a pink t-shirt, a pink hat, and blue pants. To complete your Timmy Turner Halloween costume don't forget blue sneakers. By the way according to creator Butch Hartman, the only reason he wore a pink hat was because he ran out of blue ink.

Trixie And Timmy Halloween Costume

Trixie And Timmy Halloween Costume

"Timmy and Trixie" is one of the two popular love interests in Fairly OddParents. Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang, who starred in the first season episode, A Wish Too Far. In this episode, it is revealed that she belongs to a group of Popular Kids who look down on Timmy and his friends. Timmy Turner constantly longs for Trixie Tang's affection, but most of the time she doesn't even give him the time of day. In some cases, she doesn't even seem to remember his name properly, although she may pretend to be, as she revealed in "Hail to the Chief" that, as the editor of the school newspaper, she must know the names of all the losers in the School. However, when Trixie can often talk to Timmy alone, she seems a little more interested in him and often gets warm after getting to know him.

Trixie And Timmy Cosplay

At the end of the film Channel Chasers, Timmy's two future children were shown. Both have traits of Trixie and Tootie, so it was unclear which girl Timmy eventually married. The Fairly Odd Movie questions this, but strongly suggests that Timmy Tootie ends up walking around on tiptoe without mentioning Timmy's previous romantic interactions with Trixie. The future of The Fairly Odd Movie, however, deviates from Channel Chaser's canon in that Timmy remains a fairy forever, as shown at the end of A Fairly Odd Summer. The makers have not yet commented directly on this topic.

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