Dress Like Cyclone

Cyclone Costume


You will need the following items for your Cyclone Halloween Costume:

DC Black Adam

How To Dress Like Cyclone From Black Adam

Cyclone Black Adam Halloween Costume

Dress like Cyclone from Black Adam;

Cyclone Costume Wig: #1 red long curly double claw clip on ponytail wig.

Cyclone Costume: #2 Cyclone deluxe uniform suit.

Cyclone Costume Boot: #3 riding knee high buckle calf boot.

Cyclone Costume Accessories: #4 green round athletic shoelaces boot shoe lace string 2 pair.

Cyclone Halloween Costume

Cyclone Black Adam Cosplay

Cyclone was a muscular man in his fifties, nearly 6 feet tall. He had fair skin, hazel eyes, and thinning light brown hair.

Cyclone wore a blue and white costume with a blue parachute-like cloak on his wrists and ankles, which caught the air currents and allowed him to fly.

Cyclone Cosplay

Cyclone is the granddaughter of Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado. Wind manipulation powers allow Cyclones to create dangerous air constructs and storms. Powers come from a nanobyte infection given to her by the supervillain T.O. Morning.  She was a member of the Justice Society of America. Cyclone was developed by Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham and first appeared in the Justice Society of America.

Hunkel was a strong admirer of the Justice Society from a young age and dreamed of flying with her idols, which she demonstrated with her drawings under the upbringing and influence of her grandmother, who told her how the Justice Society showed how great the United States and the world were.

Hunkel gained her powers and set out to help people like her idols, proving her heroism by rescuing several civilians from Elijah's attacks.

Hunkel is kind to people she meets, thanks Coates when he gives her an apple and tries to help Elijah when she finds him weak and scared after using the drug tar, but initially feels intimidated when she sees that the detective Kills King belittles her and takes the blame for the damage, causing Hunkel's self-esteem to drop because she believes she is below average.

Several civilians ask for her help and criticize her, she becomes frustrated with her insecurity and decides to flee to an alley.

Hawkman finally proposes to join the Justice Society, and it hits Hunkel, who couldn't believe what was happening, but due to her nervousness at standing in front of her idol and having been criticized before, she doesn't know what to answer and runs and regret it shortly afterward. She sees King threatening a civilian to get the tar drug, she plucks up courage and decides to confront him.

King threatens her and Hawkman comes to stop him, she rejoices in her idol's return and accepts to join the team and fulfill his greatest dream, coupled with the idea of ​​a second chance to become better in faith.

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