Dress Like Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher Costume


You will need the following items for your Atom Smasher Halloween Costume:

DC Black Adam

How To Dress Like Atom Smasher From Black Adam

Atom Smasher Black Adam Halloween Costume

Dress like Atom Smasher from Black Adam;

Atom Smasher Costume: #1 full bodysuit jumpsuit, #2 Atom Smasher costume full 3d spandex jumpsuit.

Atom Smasher Costume Mask: #3 Atom Smasher one mask.

Atom Smasher Halloween Costume

Atom Smasher Black Adam Cosplay

Once used by his uncle Al Pratt to fight crime, Pratt later gifted his suit to Rothstein when he proved ready to become a vigilante. Rothstein uses the suit, which adjusts to his size changes, growing and shrinking with him, defending himself from being shot or burned by the enemies Rothstein faces, and protecting his public identity by protecting him during those deployed on missions Atom Smasher operation protects.

The suit is decorated in tones of red and blue and features the Atom logo on the chest and white eyes on the mask. Likewise, the suit has bracelets on the hands and a gold one on the waist, knee pads, and white boots.

Atom Smasher Cosplay

Albert "Al" Rothstein is a fictional superhero from DC Comics. He has the power of growth and immense super strength. It was founded by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway and made its All-Star season debut. He was later reintroduced as the Atom Smasher by James Robinson, David S. Goyer, and Steve Sadowski, and made his debut in JSA Secret Files and Origins.

Atom Smasher made its live-action debut in the second season of The Flash, played by Adam Copeland. The character will make her screen debut in 2022's Black Adam, portrayed by Noah Centineo, and set in the DC Extended Universe.

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