Dress Like Deacon Brücke

Deacon Brücke Costume


You will need the following items for your Deacon Brücke Halloween costume:

  1. Black Short Wavy Wig
  2. Pewter Frame Necklace
  3. Faux Denim Trucker Jacket
  4. Medieval Vampire Shirt
  5. Leather Skinny Slim Fit Pants
  6. Vampire Teeth
  7. Signature Casual Belt
  8. Deacon Flat Grooved Ring
  9. Wolf Head Gothic Ring
  10. 2Pcs Stainless Steel Rings
  11. Gothic Death Ring
  12. Men's Black Boots

Deacon Bridge is a 183-year-old vampire originally from Germany. He is a main character of the film.

Do you have friends to cosplay with? If you have a large group of friends, you can also suggest Nadja, Viago, Petyr, Laszlo, Guillermo and Colin costumes to your friends for Halloween.

How To Dress Like Deacon Brücke From What We Do in the Shadows

Deacon Brücke Halloween Costume

Dress like Deacon Brücke from What We Do in the Shadows

If you want to look cool this Halloween, you've found the costume you've been looking for.

To dress like Deacon from What We Do in the Shadows, you should buy black short wavy wig, faux denim trucker jacket, medieval vampire shirt, leather skinny slim-fit pants, vampire teeth and men's black boots.

Deacon loves jewelry. You can purchase necklaces and rings from the online store to complete the costume.

What We Do in the Shadows Costume Ideas

Deacon Brücke Cosplay

Deacon Brücke Cosplay

As a human, Deacon worked as a merchant. During this time, as Deacon passed a spooky looking castle, he was ambushed by a winged Petyr who dragged him into a dungeon, biting his neck and forcing him to drink his blood, turning him into a vampire. Despite this traumatic event, the two became instant "friends."

During World War II, Deacon joined Hitler's secret "Nazi Vampire Army". After Germany's defeat, Deacon fled Europe and emigrated to New Zealand.

Deacon Brücke Halloween Costume

Sometime after World War II, Deacon moved into an apartment in Te Aro, Wellington with fellow vampires Vladislav, Viago, and Petyr. As the youngest vampire of the group, he was considered a rebel. He took in a familiar named Jackie and overworked her, making her take care of the apartment while putting off turning her into a vampire for over four and a half years.

One night in 2013 he asked her to bring some people over to the apartment for dinner, she brought her ex-boyfriend Nick. After being pursued by Deacon, Viago, and Vladislav, Nick escaped from the apartment only for Petyr to ambush him and turn him into a vampire.

Nick was inducted into the vampire group, where Deacon soon became jealous of Nick's new reputation as the youngest and trendiest of the group, prompting the two to fight. Despite his arrogant nature, Deacon was particularly fond of Nick's human friend Stu as he introduced new technologies to the vampires.

Shortly after, Nick accidentally led a vampire hunter into the apartment, causing Petyr's death. When Nick realized the hunter was a man he had recently met at night, Deacon got angry and fought him. Police officers O'Leary and Minogue came to investigate the noise, but under Viago's hypnosis, they failed to notice that Nick and Deacon were floating mid-air in the middle of the fight.

The vampires put Nick on trial for not only killing Petyr, but for copying Deacon's style. Nick received the Procession of Shame and was banished from the apartment.

Some time later, the vampires took part in the Unholy Masquerade. There they met Jackie, who had been turned into a vampire by Nick, much to Deacon's annoyance. When Pauline, the guest of honor, realized Stu was there, she tried to attack him and the camera crew.

Stu killed Pauline's friend Julian with a wooden stake. The vampires and camera crew escaped the ball, only to be attacked by a group of werewolves under the full moon. Stu was apparently killed by the werewolves, leaving the vampires devastated.

A while later, Stu reappeared after being turned into a werewolf and helped reconcile the housemates with Nick and the werewolves.

Possibly the last piece of footage the documentary crew shot was of Deacon trying to hypnotize viewers into forgetting everything they just saw.

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