Dress Like Viago Heimburg

Viago Heimburg Costume


Viago Von Dorna Schmarten Scheden Heimburg is one of the three main protagonists in the 2014 mockumentary horror comedy What We do in the Shadows and a guest character in the 2019 spin-off TV series of the same name.

He was portrayed by Taika Waititi, who also played Surtur on Thor: Ragnarok, Adolf Hitler on Jojo Rabbit, IG-11 on The Mandalorian, Ratcatcher on The Suicide Squad, and Antwan Hovachelik on Free Guy .

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How To Dress Like Viago Heimburg From What We Do in the Shadows

Viago Heimburg Cosplay

Dress like Viago Heimburg from What We Do in the Shadows;

If you want to look cool this Halloween, you've found the costume you've been looking for.

To dress like Viago from What We Do in the Shadows, you should buy short curly brown wig, victorian waistcoat, medieval shirts, vampire teeth, fake blood, classic-fit pant and black leather shoes.

What We Do in the Shadows Costume Ideas

Viago Heimburg Cosplay

Viago Heimburg Halloween Costume

Born in Germany in the 18th century, Viago was a dandy before becoming a vampire. After being turned into a vampire, he fell in love with a woman named Katherine, but she was forced to move to New Zealand and bid him farewell with a silver locket, although wearing it would burn him, Viago occasionally wore it briefly for oneself .

However, he soon had his confidante Philip send him by boat to New Zealand, unfortunately Viago's arrival was delayed by over a year due to an incorrect address, and by the time he arrived Katherine had moved on and fallen deeply in love with another man. to Viago's dismay.

In New Zealand, he moved into an apartment with fellow vampires Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr.


Viago Heimburg Halloween Costume

Viago became the uptight, responsible manager of the apartment, often lecturing his roommates about chores and chores that needed doing, although Vladislav did his part, the two were often at odds with Nick and his laziness at washing dishes. When a documentary crew showed up to document their lives, Viago was welcoming and friendly in his way of introducing himself and the other vampires to the crew, their residency times, culture, etc.

The crew usually followed Viago on his usual ventures, such as going out through the night with Vladislav and Deacon, feasting and sucking people dry, and the window of a now older Katherine staring longingly at her love.

Viago and the group asked Deacon's trusted Jackie to bring them offerings that were preferably virgins to feast on. She does this by offering them two women and a man named Nick, the three set their targets on Nick and chased him out of the house only for Petyr to capture him instead and turn him much to her annoyance. Nick was accepted into the vampire group despite not being liked by them.

This was soon remedied by Nick's best friend Stu, whom the group all adored, particularly for his introduction to new technology for the group. Stu helped Viago reconnect with his older confidante Philip via online chat, but the conversation turned south after the latter brought up Viago's failure to keep his promise to turn him into a vampire.

Shortly after, Nick accidentally led a vampire hunter into the apartment, resulting in Petyr being killed, much to the utter despair of the group, particularly Vladislav, who was comforted by Viago. In the chaos, the vampire hunter was killed by debris and landed under a table.

An argument broke out between Deacon and Nick, which Viago tried to stop, which soon resulted in concerned neighbors calling the police. Soon the group encountered the arrival of two police officers named O'Leary and Minogue. Viago successfully hypnotized her not to notice anything out of the ordinary, leading the two to point out several everyday and common health and safety issues, even believing the dead vampire hunter was just drunk.

Viago and the group then performed the procession of shame on Nick and banished him from the apartment, though they offered Stu to come back whenever he wanted.

A few months later, the three vampires were invited to the Unholy Masquerade, an event Vladislav looked forward to until hearing who the guest of honor was, that of his ex-lover Pauline, a woman who years earlier had humiliated and traumatized his vein . As Viago and Deacon prepared to leave, they advised a sick and stressed Vladislav to stay home and rest. Once there, they soon ran into Nick and panicked when he brought Stu with him.

The group then tried to hide Stu from Pauline, the guest of honor, and others who were trying to feed on him. Vladislav soon arrived to confront Pauline just before she tried to attack Stu and the camera crew. Vladislav and Pauline's friend Julian engaged in a fight that ended when Stu killed Julian with a wooden stake. The vampires and camera crew then fled the ball, only to encounter their werewolf rivals.

Though Viago and Vladislav meant no trouble, Deacon's anger and Vladislav's decision to wear a fur coat aroused the pre-transformation werewolves long enough to distract them and their leader, who was trying to get them to focus on themselves, to prevent the appearance of the full moon. Although all of the vampires and the camera crew successfully escaped, Stu was never seen dead, leaving the vampires devastated.

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