Dress Like Dolores

Dolores Costume


Dolores Abernathy Season 4 Outfit


You will need the following items for your Dolores Abernathy Season 4 Coat Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Dolores Abernathy From Westworld

Dolores Westworld Halloween Costume

Dress like Dolores Abernathy from Westworld;

Dolores Costume Pre-Ready: Dolores's costume

Dolores Costume Skirt Options: Blue double-layer skirt, denim maxi skirt.

Dolores Costume Top: Strap cute white blouse, slim fit vest cut-out blouse (s4), ribbed tank top (s4).

Dolores Costume Wig: Blonde long layered wig, reddish-brown wavy wig (s4)

Dolores Costume Accessories: Brown leather gun holster, toy pistol, leather square buckle belt, steampunk belt pouch, blue lense, fake blood gel, brown handmade leather shoulder bullet holder, leather waist bag (s4).

Dolores Costume Boot: Cowgirl boot, Krista boot (s4).

Dolores Abernathy Season 4 Outfit Pant: Stretch skinny trousers.

Dolores Abernathy Season 4 Outfit Jacket: Stand-up collar mid-length jacket.

Dolores Halloween Costume

Dolores Westworld Cosplay

Dolores Abernathy Blue/White Dress Costume Option: #1 Strap cute white blouse, #2 brown leather gun holster, #3 blonde long layered wig, #4 cowgirl boot, #5 toy pistol, #6 blue double-layer skirt, #7 leather square buckle belt, #8 denim maxi skirt, #9 blue lense, #10 steampunk belt pouch, #11 Dolores costume, #12 fake blood gel, #13 brown handmade leather shoulder bullet holder.

Dolores Abernathy Season 4 Coat Outfit Option: #1 Stand-up collar mid-length jacket, #2 stretch skinny trouser, #3 ribbed tank top, #4 reddish-brown wavy wig, #5 slim fit vest cut-out blouse, #6 leather waist bag, #7 Krista boot.

Dolores Cosplay

Every morning she wakes up in her ribbon in a happy mood, takes her paints and easel downstairs, and goes out on the porch to talk to her father. In the first season, she questions the world around her and develops her perspective on life and her purpose.

Her father is murdered, and she sometimes runs away instead of continuing with her usual story. After stumbling into Logan and William's camp, she follows them on their bounty hunting adventure.

Dolores can quickly kill multiple men with one revolver. When asked by William how she did it, Dolores explains that she no longer wants to be the damsel in distress and that she is rewriting her own story.

It is revealed in The Bicameral Mind that Dolores was included in the Wyatt narrative, which was in development before the park opened to guests.

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