Stranger Things Angela Costume Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive costume guide, where we delve into the world of Angela, the unforgettable character from "Stranger Things." Known for her distinctive style and role as a tertiary antagonist, Angela's look has captivated fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. This guide is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to recreate Angela's iconic outfit, ensuring your costume is not just a mere imitation but a true embodiment of her unique and memorable fashion sense.

Angela Costume Essentials

  • Angela's School Look

  • Angela's Ring-O-Mania Look

How To Dress Like Angela

Stranger Things Angela Costume

Embracing the style of Angela from "Stranger Things" is more than just a costume; it's a journey into the character's unique fashion world. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or a themed event, this guide will help you capture Angela's iconic look with precision and flair.

Classic High School Look:

  • What You Need: Striped pink button-down shirt, stretch denim pencil skirt, pink canvas messenger bag, pink scrunchies, pink geometric bangle bracelet, white heart buckle belt, pink beads necklace, spiked seashell earrings, Reebok Women's Club C 85 sneakers.
  • How to Do It: Start with the striped pink shirt, tucking it into the denim skirt. Accessorize with the heart buckle belt, and add the messenger bag for a touch of authenticity. Complete the look with the sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish touch.
  • Bonus Tips: For an extra layer of detail, try adding temporary blonde highlights to your hair, emulating Angela's hairstyle.

Ring-O-Mania Outfit:

  • What You Need: Cold shoulder blue T-shirt, fuchsia yoga shorts, straight blonde wig with bangs, hot pink polka dot bow clip, star rainbow hoop earrings, chain necklace, neon pink/cheetah 3 pack bangle bracelets, white & pink striped socks, white & pink classic roller skates.
  • How to Do It: Wear the blue T-shirt and pair it with the fuchsia shorts. The wig is essential for nailing Angela’s Ring-O-Mania look. Add the bow clip, and don't forget the eye-catching jewelry.
  • Bonus Tips: Practice a few roller skating moves to truly embody Angela’s Ring-O-Mania persona.

Casual Cool:

  • What You Need: Graphic tee, ripped jeans, canvas high-top sneakers, layered necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and a leather backpack.
  • How to Do It: Combine the graphic tee with ripped jeans for a casual, yet edgy look. The high-top sneakers add a comfortable and trendy touch. Use the layered necklaces and sunglasses to accessorize.
  • Bonus Tips: Wear a bold lipstick and nail polish to add a pop of color, mirroring Angela's vibrant personality.

Sporty Chic:

  • What You Need: Varsity jacket, white tank top, black leggings, high ponytail, hoop earrings, and athletic sneakers.
  • How to Do It: Layer the varsity jacket over the tank top, paired with leggings. The high ponytail adds a sporty vibe, complemented by the sneakers.
  • Bonus Tips: Add a digital watch or a fitness band for an authentic sporty look.

Halloween Twist:

  • What You Need: Black mini dress, fishnet stockings, black ankle boots, choker necklace, dramatic makeup, and temporary tattoos.
  • How to Do It: The mini dress and fishnet stockings create a bold, Halloween-inspired look. The ankle boots and choker add edgy details. Use dramatic makeup for a striking effect.
  • Bonus Tips: Temporary tattoos can add an unexpected twist to the costume, aligning with the Halloween theme.

Dressing up as Angela from "Stranger Things" offers a range of creative possibilities. Whether you choose her classic high school look, her Ring-O-Mania outfit, a casual cool ensemble, a sporty chic getup, or a Halloween twist, you’ll surely capture the essence of her character. Remember, it's all about mixing and matching elements to create a look that’s both authentic and personal to you

Angela Cosplay

Stranger Things Angela Halloween Costume

Stepping into Angela's shoes from "Stranger Things" at a Halloween party is about more than just the outfit; it's about embodying her character. Here's how you can channel Angela's persona to bring your costume to life, while ensuring you remain respectful and appropriate in a party setting.

Confident High School Charisma

  • What To Do: Exude a confident, slightly aloof demeanor.
  • How to Do It: Walk with confidence, hold your head high, and engage in conversations with a hint of sass and humor. Remember, it's all about the attitude.
  • Bonus Tips: Practice some of Angela’s iconic lines or expressions in the mirror to really get into character.

Queen Bee Flair

  • What To Do: Mimic Angela's leadership qualities and social butterfly nature.
  • How to Do It: Be the one to initiate games or conversations, just like Angela would in her social circle. But keep it friendly and inclusive.
  • Bonus Tips: Coordinate with friends to have them play along as your "group," similar to Angela’s dynamic in the show.

Playfully Mischievous

  • What To Do: Incorporate Angela’s playful yet mischievous side.
  • How to Do It: Engage in light-hearted pranks or jokes, always ensuring they are in good taste and not at anyone's expense.
  • Bonus Tips: Team up with someone dressed as another "Stranger Things" character for playful banter or staged mock confrontations for entertainment.

Fashion Forward

  • What To Do: Emphasize Angela's fashion-conscious side.
  • How to Do It: Compliment others' costumes and add remarks about fashion trends, as Angela would likely comment on people's styles.
  • Bonus Tips: Bring a small, fashionable accessory like a handheld mirror or a stylish clutch to use as props for your character.

The Dramatic Exit

  • What To Do: Make a memorable exit from the party, just as Angela would.
  • How to Do It: Announce your departure in a playful, dramatic manner, ensuring it aligns with the party's mood and is received well by others.
  • Bonus Tips: Plan your exit with a bit of humor or a memorable one-liner to leave a lasting impression.

In wrapping up, acting like Angela from "Stranger Things" at a Halloween party is about striking a balance between staying true to her character and maintaining a fun, respectful atmosphere. Remember, it’s all in good fun, and the aim is to enjoy the party while paying homage to one of the show's memorable characters. Stay in character, but always be mindful of others' feelings and the party environment.

About Angela

Delving into the character of Angela from "Stranger Things" offers a fascinating glimpse into the intricate world of this popular show. Angela, though a secondary character, leaves a lasting impact through her distinctive personality and role in the narrative.

Character Overview:

Angela is a recurring antagonist introduced in the fourth season of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Played by Elodie Grace Orkin, she quickly established herself as the queen bee of Lenora Hills High School, ruling the social hierarchy with her clique of friends and disdainful attitude.

Background and Personality Traits:

Angela oozes self-confidence and entitlement. She's fiercely loyal to her friends but merciless towards anyone outside her circle, particularly Eleven. Her personality is characterized by:

  • Arrogance and narcissism: Angela believes she is superior to others and takes pleasure in belittling and humiliating them.
  • Sarcasm and cruelty: Her words are her weapons, and she uses them to inflict emotional pain on others.
  • Manipulativeness: Angela is skilled at controlling situations and manipulating others to her advantage.
  • Fashionable and trendy: She boasts a stylish wardrobe that reflects her status and sense of self-importance.

Role in the Story:

Angela serves as a foil to Eleven, highlighting the latter's struggles with navigating high school and fitting in. Their encounters showcase the cruelty and bullying that can exist within social hierarchies, ultimately driving Eleven's inner conflict.

Cultural Impact:

Angela's character resonated with viewers, sparking discussions about bullying, social dynamics, and the complexities of teenage life. Her portrayal also sparked debate about the portrayal of female characters as villains, particularly those with seemingly "mean girl" personalities.

Though a minor character, Angela leaves a lasting impression with her sharp wit and cruel demeanor. Her presence adds depth and complexity to the narrative, prompting viewers to consider the impact of social pressure and the challenges of navigating the sometimes harsh realities of adolescence.

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Who Should Consider

The Angela costume offers a unique and memorable option for Halloween. But who should consider channeling this sassy antagonist? Let's explore some ideal candidates:

1. Fans of "Stranger Things":

Ideal for: Die-hard fans who want to showcase their love for the show and its characters.

Why it works: Recognizable and instantly relatable to fellow fans, it sparks conversation and ignites Halloween spirit.

2. Confidence Queens:

Ideal for: Individuals who are comfortable owning their power and radiating self-assurance.

Why it works: Angela's bold personality allows one to embrace their inner confidence and express it through fashion and attitude.

3. Sarcastic Witsters:

Ideal for: Those who enjoy witty banter and delivering sarcastic remarks with a hint of sass.

Why it works: Angela's signature sarcasm provides comic relief and allows for playful interactions with others.

4. Fashionable Trendsetters:

Ideal for: Individuals who enjoy dressing up and showcasing their trendy style sense.

Why it works: Angela's wardrobe reflects her status and fashion-forwardness, offering inspiration for a chic and eye-catching costume.

5. Group Costume Enthusiasts:

Ideal for: Friends who want to create a coordinated and impactful group costume.

Why it works: Angela's clique can be easily recreated with friends, forming a powerful and stylish group presence.

The Angela costume is versatile and adaptable, appealing to individuals who appreciate her confidence, wit, and fashionable style. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a bold individual, or simply enjoy a good costume, consider embracing your inner "Queen Bee" and rocking the Angela look this Halloween!

Additional Tips

Want to take your Angela costume to the next level? Here are some insightful tips to help you achieve an authentic and memorable look:

Tip 1: Accessorize Authentically:

How to Implement:

  • Hair: Consider a blonde wig with bangs to match Angela's signature hairstyle.
  • Jewelry: Add a pink beads necklace and spiked seashell earrings for a touch of personality.
  • Bag: Don't forget a pink messenger bag to complete the school-girl vibe.
  • Shoes: Opt for vintage-inspired white sneakers for a comfortable and stylish touch.

Tip 2: Master the Signature Pose:

How to Implement:

  • Stand tall and confident, with your shoulders back and your chin held high.
  • Cross one arm over your chest and rest the other hand on your hip.
  • Gaze slightly upwards with a hint of disdain in your expression.
  • Practice striking this pose in advance to perfect your queen bee attitude.

Tip 3: Embrace the Sarcasm:

How to Implement:

  • Prepare witty and sarcastic remarks beforehand to deliver with a deadpan expression.
  • Observe Angela's interactions in the show to learn her tone, facial expressions, and body language.
  • Remember, sarcasm is her weapon, so use it strategically to add humor and bite to your interactions.

Tip 4: Channel the "Mean Girl" Aura:

How to Implement:

  • Practice haughty facial expressions, such as raised eyebrows and curled lips.
  • Avoid displaying genuine interest in others and maintain a sense of superiority.
  • Remember, Angela is never the first to apologize or admit fault. Stay true to her character throughout the night.

By incorporating these additional tips, you can transform your Angela costume from good to great. Remember, it's not just about the clothes; it's about capturing her essence and confidence. So, channel your inner "Queen Bee" and prepare to reign supreme at your Halloween party!

Couple and Group Costume Ideas

Creating a dynamic Halloween look with friends, family, or a significant other can be a thrilling experience, especially when incorporating a character like Angela from "Stranger Things." Let’s explore some exciting couple and group costume ideas that complement Angela’s character perfectly.

Couple Costume Ideas:

1. Angela and Eleven:

Concept: This iconic duo represents the clash of social hierarchies and personalities within Hawkins High.

Costume Suggestions:

  • Angela: Pink button-down shirt, denim pencil skirt, pink messenger bag, pink scrunchies, pink beaded necklace, spiked seashell earrings, white sneakers.
  • Eleven: Blonde wig with shaved sides, green dress, white ankle socks, pink Converse sneakers, Eggos box (optional).

Bonus Points: Practice the iconic Rink-O-Mania scene where Eleven confronts Angela.

2. Genderbent Angela and Jack

Concept: Reinvent Angela's character with a gender-bending twist while still capturing her "mean girl" essence.

Costume Suggestions:

  • Genderbent Angela: Pink button-down shirt, high-waisted black pants, pink suspenders, pink messenger bag, pink scrunchies, spiked seashell earrings, black dress shoes.
  • Genderbent Jack: Adapt Jack's iconic outfits for a female presentation, maintaining his style and color palette

Bonus Points: Create a fun story about how the two characters met and joined forces.

Group Costume Ideas:

1. The High School Clique:

Concept: Recreate Angela's group of friends, showcasing the power dynamics of high school popularity.

Costume Suggestions:

  • Choose a few friends and dress them in trendy 80s-inspired outfits, reflecting Angela's fashion sense.
  • Include iconic accessories like pink scrunchies, leg warmers, and headbands.
  • Practice synchronized poses and group walks to add a theatrical element.

Bonus Points: Coordinate your costumes and practice group dialogue from the show.

2. "Mean Girls" from Different Worlds:

Concept: Assemble a group of characters known for their mean girl personalities from various shows and movies.

Costume Suggestions:

  • Choose characters like Regina George, Blair Waldorf, Cher Horowitz (Clueless), and Sharpay Evans (High School Musical).
  • Recreate their iconic looks and signature lines for an instantly recognizable group costume.

Bonus Points: Prepare a mash-up of their most memorable scenes for a hilarious group performance.

3. Families with a Twist:

Concept: Add a playful twist to the classic family costume by incorporating Angela's character.

Costume Suggestions:

  • Parents can dress up as typical suburban parents, while the child can be Angela, showcasing a clash of personalities.
  • Alternatively, the whole family can dress up as various characters from Stranger Things, with one member portraying Angela for a humorous contrast.

Bonus Points: Create a family story around the contrasting characters and their Halloween adventures.

These are just a few ideas to inspire your Halloween costume creativity. Remember, the possibilities are endless! Have fun, experiment, and unleash your inner "Queen Bee" while celebrating the spirit of Halloween with your friends and family.


When it comes to dressing up as Angela from "Stranger Things," there are often several questions that come to mind. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) with their answers to help you create the perfect Angela costume.

1. What are the key components of Angela’s costume?

  • Answer: The key components include a striped pink button-down shirt, a stretch denim pencil skirt, a pink canvas messenger bag, pink scrunchies, a pink geometric bangle bracelet, a white heart buckle belt, a pink beads necklace, spiked seashell earrings, and Reebok Women's Club C 85 sneakers. These elements capture the essence of Angela’s style in the show.

2. How can I make my Angela costume stand out?

  • Answer: Focus on the details. Adding temporary blonde highlights to your hair, perfecting Angela’s makeup style, and ensuring your accessories closely match those seen in the show can make your costume more authentic and memorable. Also, practicing her attitude and mannerisms can add an extra layer of authenticity.

3. Is the Angela costume suitable for cold weather?

  • Answer: The standard Angela costume might be a bit light for cold weather. Consider layering a warm but discreet thermal underneath, or adapt the costume by adding a stylish jacket or coat that matches Angela’s fashion sense. You can also opt for thicker tights or leggings under the skirt.

4. Can I create a DIY version of Angela’s costume?

  • Answer: Absolutely! Many of Angela’s costume components, like the pink shirt and denim skirt, can be found or modified from existing clothes. You can also handcraft some accessories like the pink beads necklace or customize a plain messenger bag with paint or fabric to mimic her style.

5. How can I achieve Angela's signature makeup look?

Angela's makeup is typically natural and understated. Focus on creating a clean base with foundation and concealer. Apply light pink blush and a touch of mascara. For the lips, use a natural pink or light gloss.

Remember, the most important part of any costume is to have fun and feel comfortable. These FAQs are designed to help you achieve an authentic Angela look while enjoying your time as this memorable "Stranger Things" character.


Now you're equipped with everything you need to transform into the iconic Angela for Halloween. From wardrobe essentials to tips on capturing her attitude, this guide ensures your costume is both authentic and memorable. Remember, while celebrating the character's style and confidence, it's important to be mindful of her negative traits and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment. Have fun, embrace your inner "Queen Bee," and prepare to reign supreme at your Halloween celebration!

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