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Stranger Things Angela Costume


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How To Dress Like Angela From Stranger Things

Stranger Things Angela Costume

Dress like Angela from Stranger Things: Angela is a Californian "It Girl". Her favorite color is red, and she is a popular girl at school despite being a snob.

Stranger Things Angela Outfits: Angela's attire is the manifestation of 80s fashion in confidence. She wears a pink striped button-down shirt to school with a light blue denim pencil skirt.

Stranger Things Angela Accessories: To complete your Angela from Stranger Things, you need lots of accessories. Start with a large pink scrunchie and pink beads necklace. A pink bangle bracelet, a white belt with a heart buckle and finally you will need white vintage sneakers.

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Stranger Things Angela Outfits

Stranger Things Angela Halloween Costume

Angela was introduced in season 4 of Stranger Things. She is a stereotypical high school bully at its highest level. She never seems to feel remorse for her bad doings, and never seems to feel guilty about what she has done to other people, especially Eleven

Angela is a blonde young student at Lenora Hills High School. She's a very dominant, narcissistic student who is proven to have a huge circle of friends and tons of trendy clothes.

Angela and her group are mostly shown provoking Eleven. The first time they target her is in the hallway where she is walking with Will.

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