Dress Like Dr. Gogol

Dr. Gogol Costume


How To Dress Like Dr. Gogol From Mad Love 1935

Dr. Gogol Mad Love 1935 Halloween Costume

Dress like Dr. Gogol from Mad Love 1935;

Dr. Gogol Mad Love 1935 Costume Sunglasses: #1 retro round steampunk sunglass vintage eyewear, #3 vintage steampunk retro metal round circle frame sunglasses.

Dr. Gogol Costume Hat: #2 wide brim two tone Fedora.

Dr. Gogol Costume Neck Accessories: #4 leather face neck mask integrated strap-on soft head mask, #5 leather shoulder chest harness buckles club wear collared armor guard costume crop top.

Dr. Gogol Costume Suits: #6 black 2 piece suit double breasted blazer pant solid color prom tuxedo, #9 black suit 3 pieces formal tweed herringbone dress suit prom tuxedos groomsmen.

Dr. Gogol Costume Top: #7 range wear lightweight railroader long sleeve shirt.

Dr. Gogol Costume Accessories: #8 12 pieces gnarly gag ugly fake teeth.

Dr. Gogol Costume Cape: #10 trench coat lapel sleeveless cape medium long single breasted black British style shawl top.

Dr. Gogol Costume Shoe: #11 plaid perforated wing tip lace up dress oxford shoe.

Dr. Gogol Costume Glove: #12 metal armor hand glove.

Dr. Gogol Costume Jacket: #13 double-breasted jacket slim fit blazer.

Dr. Gogol Halloween Costume

Dr. Gogol Mad Love 1935 Cosplay

Mad Love was Freund's last directing assignment and Lorre's American film debut. Critics praised Lorre's acting, but the film was unsuccessful at the box office. Film critic Pauline Kael found the film unsatisfactory but argued that it influenced Citizen Kane. Cinematographer Gregg Toland helped produce both films. Mad Love's reputation has grown over the years and is viewed in a more positive light by modern film critics, achieving cult classic status.

Dr. Gogol Cosplay

Mad Love Movie 1935

Mad Love is a 1935 American horror film adapted from Maurice Renard's novel The Hands of Orlac. Filmmaker Karl Freund, who emigrated from Germany, directed it with Peter Lorre as Dr. Gogol, Frances Drake as Yvonne Orlac, and Colin Clive as Stephen Orlac. The plot revolves around Doctor Gogol's obsession with actress Yvonne Orlac.

Stephen Orlac's hands are destroyed in a train accident, Yvonne takes him to Gogol, who claims he can fix them. When Gogol becomes so obsessed that he would do anything to have Yvonne, Stephen finds that his new hands have made him a skilled knife thrower.

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