Dress Like Frostee

Frostee Costume


You will need the following items for your Frostee Halloween Costume:

Shashi Dhar
Tony Toretto
Fast and Furious Cisco Cosplay
Layla Gray
Margaret Pearl Echo

How To Dress Like Frostee From Fast & Furious Spy Racers

Frostee Benson Fast Furious Spy Racers Halloween Costume

Dress like Frostee from Fast & Furious Spy Racers;

Frostee Costume Fast & Furious Spy Racers Jackets: #1 green sport coat suit blazer lightweight jacket, #5 green sports coat lightweight cardigan knit blazer.

Frostee Costume Wig: #2 60s 70s afro black wig.

Frostee Costume Necklace: #3 alphabet letter round locket necklace.

Frostee Costume Pant: #4 red Levi's 510 skinny fit jean.

Frostee Costume T-Shirt: #6 white crew neck soft fitted tee.

Frostee Costume Shoe: #7 Adidas Originals Superstar sneaker.

Frostee Halloween Costume

Frostee Benson Fast Furious Spy Racers Cosplay

Driven by a street racer named Mitch, who takes an interest in Echo, although she doesn't reciprocate? Mitch has missiles attached to the back of his car, but Tony still believes he can beat him and clarifies that according to Dom, the type of driver is more important than the type of car.

Tony suggests hosting a street race where the loser washes the other's car. The race ends with Mitch winning, although once the missiles activate he is unable to stop and crashes as a result.

Frostee Cosplay

Frostee Benson is a 13-year-old talented tech genius and a member of Tony Toretto's crew.

In Los Angeles, Frostee Benson is hanging out with friends Cisco Renaldo and Echo when they notice Tony Toretto approaching them in a muscle car. Tony informs them that the car is a ten second car and that he is about to beat the record set by his cousin Dominic Toretto on that road and thereby become the next greatest road racer. His friends remind Tony that he has said the same thing in the past, only to no avail.

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