Dress Like Draculaura

Are you looking for a unique and fun Halloween costume? Look no further than Draculaura from Monster High! Draculaura is a stylish and spunky vampire who loves fashion and hanging out with her best friends. Here's a guide to help you create the perfect Draculaura costume.


Draculaura Costume


You will need the following items for your Draculaura Halloween costume:

  1. Monster High Draculaura Costume
  2. Draculaura Wig
  3. Fishnet Bodysuit
  4. Violet Colored Contact Lenses
  5. Vampire Costume Teeth
  6. Heart Temporary Tattoos
  7. Safety Pin Earrings
  8. Hot Pink Lipstick
  9. Pink Nail Polish
  10. Monster High Umbrella
  11. Draculaura Costume For Girls

Update: Count Fabulous Figure

Draculaura is a beloved character from the 2010 Monster High franchise. She's a vampire and a student at the Monster High school. Due to her upbringing, Draculaura is used to being pampered and spent a lot of time at the Vampire Court during her childhood.

To get the look of Draculaura, dress up in a white mini skirt, a pink sleeveless vest, and pink knee-high boots. Don't forget to add a fishnet bodysuit to complete the outfit.


How To Dress Like Draculaura From Monster High

Draculaura Halloween Costume
  1. Monster High Draculaura Costume - The first step to becoming Draculaura is getting the perfect costume. You can find a variety of Draculaura costumes online or at costume stores. The costume typically includes a pink and black dress with a bat-wing collar and pink sleeves, just like Draculaura's outfit in the Monster High series.
  2. Draculaura Wig - To complete the look, you'll need Draculaura's signature black and hot pink wig. This wig can also be found online or at costume stores. Make sure to style the wig with pigtail braids, and add some hot pink hair clips to match Draculaura's style.
  3. Fishnet Bodysuit - Draculaura is all about layering, so add a black fishnet bodysuit under the costume to give it a little extra edge.
  4. Violet Colored Contact Lenses - Draculaura has stunning violet eyes, so consider wearing violet colored contacts to make your eyes really pop.
  5. Vampire Costume Teeth - No vampire costume is complete without some fangs! Vampire costume teeth can be found at most costume stores, and will give you that perfect vampire look.
  6. Heart Temporary Tattoos - Draculaura has a heart-shaped birthmark on her cheek, so use some heart temporary tattoos to mimic this signature feature.
  7. Safety Pin Earrings - Draculaura loves to accessorize, so add some safety pin earrings to your outfit to show off your punk side.
  8. Hot Pink Lipstick - Draculaura's signature hot pink lipstick is a must-have for completing the look. Make sure to apply it generously and evenly.
  9. Pink Nail Polish - To complete the look, add some hot pink nail polish to your nails.
  10. Monster High Umbrella - Draculaura loves her Monster High umbrella, so consider carrying one to complete the look.
  11. Count Fabulous Figure - And don't forget Count Fabulous, Draculaura's pet bat, who loves to hang out with her. You can find a small figure of Count Fabulous at most toy stores.

With these items, you'll be ready to show off your spunky and stylish Draculaura costume this Halloween!

Draculaura Cosplay

If you're dressing up as Draculaura for Halloween, it's important to embody her fun-loving and friendly personality. Here are a few tips on how to act at the party:

  1. Be Sweet and Energetic: Draculaura is known for her bubbly and energetic personality. So, be sure to bring that same level of energy to the party. Smile, laugh, and engage with those around you.
  2. Be Childish and Naïve: Draculaura has a bit of a childish side, and she's not afraid to show it. Don't be afraid to act a little silly and maybe even a little clueless. It will only add to the charm of your costume.
  3. Be a Trend Follower: Draculaura loves to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. So, try to incorporate some trendy accessories into your costume. The Monster High umbrella and safety pin earrings are perfect choices.
  4. Be Emotional: Draculaura is the most emotional of the Monster High girls, and she's not afraid to show it. So, feel free to express your emotions and be a little more sensitive than you might normally be.
  5. Be a Flirt: Draculaura is known to have many crushes, so don't be afraid to flirt a little bit. But be careful not to take it too far or make anyone uncomfortable.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself! Draculaura is all about having a good time, so make sure to embrace that spirit and have a spook-tacular Halloween!

Draculaura Halloween Costume

Draculaura, a character from Monster High, has distinctive physical features that showcase her vampire heritage. She has pale skin with a pink undertone, pale purple eyes, and long black hair that she styles in various ways. Draculaura has a small pink heart tattoo below her left eye that represents her scaredy-mouse. Her fashion motifs include vampire fangs, hearts, ribbons, and bows. She wears deep pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, and white safety pin earrings.

Draculaura's outfit consists of a pink vest with a white lace jabot, a pink flower necklace, black mesh sleeves, and lace cuffs. Her skirt has pink stitching, a white hem, and black leggings, and her pink boots have black straps, laces, and heart accents. She carries a black parasol with a Skullette tip and a bat handle.

At the party, you can embody Draculaura's sweet and energetic personality by being friendly, sensitive, and easygoing. You can wear her signature fashion motifs, such as vampire fangs, hearts, ribbons, and bows, and add a deep pink lipstick and pink nail polish to complete the look. Don't forget to be a trend follower and keep up with the latest gossip, just like Draculaura.

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