Dress Like M. Shadows

M. Shadows Costume



How To Dress Like M. Shadows From Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows Halloween Costume

Dress like M. Shadows;

M. Shadows Costume: For your M. Shadows Halloween costume, you will need a lumberjack shirt, an Alice in Chains t-shirt, slim straight jeans and Adidas skate shoes.

M. Shadow Accessories: To complete your M. Shadows look, don't forget to get a black leather baseball hat, a black fake microphone, classic aviator sunglasses, a titanium ring, a golden metal necklace, a chain necklace and last but not least, black-white bandanas.


M. Shadows Halloween Costume

M. Shadow Halloween Costume Cosplay

M. Shadows was born on July 31, 1981, in Fountain Valley, California, and grew up in Huntington Beach, California. His interest in rock came from listening to bands like Guns N' Roses early in life after his father gave him his first tape. His interest in heavy metal music increased as he got older and he started playing the guitar. He associates his early musical experience with the piano, seeing it as an important factor in developing his guitar and vocal skills. He attended Huntington Beach High School, where he played briefly in a punk band called "Successful Failure". Following this, the Shadows formed Avenged Sevenfold in 1999 with middle school friends Zacky Vengeance, The Rev, and Matt Wendt.


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