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If you're a fan of Mortal Kombat and want to make a striking impression at your Halloween party this year, why not consider dressing up as the fierce and regal Kitana? Known for her blue attire, razor-sharp fans, and fierce combat skills, Kitana is an iconic character from the Mortal Kombat series. In this costume guide, we'll show you how to achieve the perfect Kitana look and even provide tips on how to embody her character at the Halloween party.

Dress like Kitana and conquer your Halloween costume with style! Before diving into the details of assembling your Kitana Halloween costume, let's get to know this formidable character a bit better.

Kitana Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Kitana Halloween costume:

Dress Like Kitana

Dressing up as the iconic Kitana from Mortal Kombat 1 is an exhilarating choice for any gaming enthusiast.

To embody this fierce character, start with a stunning Kitana costume, complete with her signature blue 2-piece ribbed yoga set. Accessorize with a goddess headpiece, an ancient Han Chinese wig, and a blue rhinestone mask to capture her regal allure. Don't forget the essentials for any skilled warrior: a Kitana folding fan, a garter leg belt, and blue self-adhesive bandages to recreate her unique leg wear. Elevate the authenticity of your costume with arm and leg armor pieces that add a touch of battle-ready sophistication.

Finish off your Kitana look with blue peep-toe stiletto high heels ankle boots, and you'll be ready to strike a pose that's as fierce as the character herself.

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How To Dress Like Kitana From Mortal Kombat

Kitana Mortal Kombat 1 Halloween Costume

Dress like Kitana from Mortal Kombat;

Step 1: The Essentials

To create a convincing Kitana look, start with the essential pieces:

Kitana Costume: Begin with a Kitana costume that features her iconic blue attire. Look for one that resembles her outfit from the games or movies.

Goddess Headpiece: Adorn your head with a goddess headpiece, an essential part of Kitana's royal appearance.

Ancient Han Chinese Wig: Kitana's hairstyle is distinctive. A long, black wig styled in the ancient Han Chinese fashion is key to completing the look.

Blue Rhinestone Mask: Don't forget her mysterious blue rhinestone mask, which adds an air of mystique to her character.

Step 2: Accessories

Kitana's arsenal includes accessories that make her stand out:

Kitana Folding Fan: Carry a Kitana folding fan as her weapon of choice.

Garter Leg Belt: Strap on a garter leg belt for that warrior flair.

Blue Self-Adhesive Bandage: Use blue self-adhesive bandages to simulate Kitana's unique legwear.

Arm Armor and Leg Armor: Add arm and leg armor pieces to complete the warrior look.

Step 3: Footwear

Kitana's style includes elegant yet deadly footwear:

Blue Peep-Toe Stiletto High Heels Ankle Boot: Opt for blue peep-toe stiletto high heels ankle boots to match her attire.

Step 4: Makeup

Kitana is known for her beauty, so focus on enhancing your features:

Makeup: Apply makeup to create a flawless complexion and accentuate your eyes with blue eye shadow.

Step 5: Attitude

Don't forget to channel Kitana's attitude, which is confident, strong, and at times, regal. Hold yourself with pride and carry your fan with an air of authority.

Kitana Cosplay

Nobility and Kindness: Emulate Kitana's transformation from a stubborn and naive warrior under Shao Kahn's influence to a noble, kind-hearted protector of Earthrealm. Show kindness to your fellow partygoers and be noble in your interactions.

Confidence and Boldness: Kitana is a confident and bold character. Walk with confidence and embrace her fearless demeanor at the party.

Loyalty: Kitana is fiercely loyal to her friends. Be a loyal and trustworthy friend to those you meet at the Halloween bash.

Dislike for Enemies: While Kitana dislikes her enemies, she also tries to reason with them when possible. Be diplomatic in your interactions, but never back down from defending yourself or your allies.

Seeking Justice: Kitana's primary goal is to seek justice for the realms, and she wants to bring peace and order. Advocate for justice and fairness in your conversations.

About Kitana

Kitana Mortal Kombat 1 Cosplay

Kitana, a 10,000-year-old warrior, maintains her youthful appearance. Her attire is predominantly blue, matching her fans and mask. She is known for her black hair, often styled in an ancient Han Chinese manner. Her appearance can vary slightly across different iterations of the game, but her essence remains consistent.

In the Mortal Kombat series, Kitana is a complex character. Under Shao Kahn's influence, she was once stubborn, naive, and filled with anger. However, after breaking free from his control, she became a more noble, kind, and caring individual. Kitana is characterized by her politeness, boldness, confidence, and bravery. She's extremely loyal to her friends but can be haughty due to her royal status as a princess.

Kitana's main goal is to seek revenge on Shao Kahn for enslaving her home world and to restore peace and order to all realms. She envisions Edenia as the center of peace, with an all-female fighting group to protect it.

Despite her rivalry with her sister Mileena, Kitana has shown moments of kindness and forgiveness. However, she remains determined to stop those who threaten Earth and Edenia. Kitana's journey is driven by vengeance, justice, and a desire to undo the damage inflicted by Shao Kahn.

Kitana Halloween Costume

Dressing up as Kitana for Halloween is not just about the costume; it's about embodying the strength and character of this iconic Mortal Kombat warrior. With the right attire, accessories, and attitude, you can bring Kitana to life at your Halloween party.

Kitana Additional Tips:

  • Practice Kitana's signature fan-fighting moves to impress fellow party-goers.

  • Research Kitana's character in-depth to fully understand her motivations and personality.

  • Pay attention to details in your costume, from makeup to accessories, to create a truly authentic look.

  • Don't forget to have fun and embrace Kitana's confident and bold demeanor throughout the night.

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