Dress Like Kratos

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're a fan of the God of War franchise, then why not dress up as Kratos from God of War Ragnarök? This iconic character has been around since 2005 and has become a staple of the gaming industry. With the recent release of God of War Ragnarök, Kratos is more popular than ever, making him the perfect Halloween costume choice.

Kratos Costume


Dress Like Kratos
GOW Ragnarök Kratos Costume Kratos Latex Mask 3D Printed Muscle T-Shirt GOW Kratos Shield Liquid Face and Body Paint Yellow Colored Contact Lenses Kratos Axe Brown Hiking Boot

Yellow Colored Contact Lenses

How To Dress Like Kratos God of War Ragnarök

Kratos Halloween Costume

The first item on the list is the Kratos Latex Mask. This mask is an essential part of the costume and will instantly transform you into the God of War. The mask is made from high-quality latex and features Kratos' iconic red tattoo across his face. The mask covers your entire head, so you don't have to worry about painting your face.

Next, you will need a muscle T-shirt to show off your biceps and abs. Kratos is known for his impressive physique, so this item is a must-have. You can choose a black or gray T-shirt, but make sure it fits snugly to accentuate your muscles.

The GOW Kratos Shield is the next item on the list. This shield is a replica of the one Kratos uses in the game and is made from high-quality materials. The shield is an important part of the costume and will make you feel like you're ready for battle.

Liquid Face and Body Paint is a great way to add some texture to your skin and give yourself a more authentic look. You can use this paint to create the illusion of scars or veins on your arms and chest.

To complete the look, you will need yellow colored contact lenses. Kratos has yellow eyes, which are a signature feature of his character. The yellow lenses will give you an eerie and intimidating look, just like Kratos.

The Kratos Axe is an iconic weapon in the game and an important part of the costume. The axe is made from high-quality materials and is a perfect replica of the one Kratos uses in the game. You can carry the axe around with you, or you can attach it to your belt for easy access.

Finally, you will need a pair of brown hiking boots to complete the costume. The boots will give you a rugged look and make you feel like you're ready to traverse any terrain.

In conclusion, dressing up as Kratos from God of War Ragnarök is an excellent choice for Halloween. The GOW Ragnarök Kratos Costume is easy to create with the items listed above, and you'll be sure to turn heads at any Halloween party. So grab your Kratos mask, paint yourself up, and get ready to conquer the night as the God of War.

Kratos Cosplay

Kratos Costume

As Kratos, you should channel his intense and fierce personality. Here are a few tips on how to act at the party:

  1. Stay in character: From the moment you arrive at the party, stay in character as Kratos. Be confident, walk with purpose, and keep your head held high. Speak in a deep and authoritative voice, and don't be afraid to let out a few battle cries.
  2. Use your props: Make use of your Kratos Axe and Shield to enhance your character. Hold the axe in your hand, and carry the shield on your back. If anyone challenges you, show them the strength and power of the God of War.
  3. Interact with other party-goers: Don't be afraid to interact with other party-goers in character. You can intimidate them with your intense gaze or engage them in conversation with your deep voice. Remember to stay in character throughout the entire party.
  4. Stay true to the character: Kratos is known for his ruthless and violent nature, so make sure you stay true to the character. Don't hesitate to act aggressively if someone challenges you or disrespects you. Of course, keep it safe and fun, but stay true to the character.
  5. Have fun: Finally, remember to have fun! Halloween parties are meant to be enjoyed, and you can have a blast while embodying the powerful and iconic character of Kratos.

By following these tips, you'll be sure to have a memorable Halloween as Kratos. Just remember to stay in character, use your props, and have fun!

Kratos Halloween Costume

Kratos is the protagonist of the God of War game series, and he is also a central character in God of War Ragnarök. Three years have passed since he and his son Atreus scattered the ashes of Kratos' wife Faye on the highest peak in Jotunheim, and they have been living in the Wildwoods of the realm of Midgard during the Fimbulwinter.

Kratos is known for his brutal combat skills and his use of the Blades of Chaos, a pair of chained blades that he wields with deadly accuracy. In God of War Ragnarök, he continues to fight against the enemies that threaten him and his son, including various mythological creatures and gods.

Atreus, Kratos' son, has learned that he is a descendant of the Giants and has studied magic, making him a valuable ally in their battles. Together, they have created protection staves in the forest where they live, and they rely on three wolves named Speki, Svanna, and Fenrir to pull their sled.

Despite their efforts to stay hidden during the Fimbulwinter, Atreus frequently ventures out with Sindri to learn more about his role as Loki and his significance in the upcoming Ragnarok, a prophesized event that will bring about the end of the world.

Kratos' actions in killing Baldur have been attributed to hastening the Fimbulwinter, which is believed to be the first sign of Ragnarok. However, the actual event is predicted to occur hundreds of years in the future. Kratos plans to wait out the Fimbulwinter in silence, but he may be drawn into the events of Ragnarok as they unfold.

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