Dress Like Lorraine

Looking to bring some intrigue and edginess to your Halloween costume this year? How about dressing up as the enigmatic character Lorraine from the thrilling "X" movie? Played by the talented Jenna Ortega, Lorraine's unique style and personality make her a fascinating choice for Halloween. This costume guide will help you channel your inner Lorraine and stand out at any Halloween party!

Lorraine Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Lorraine Halloween costume:

Dress Like Lorraine

Hey costume enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the captivating character of Lorraine, portrayed by the talented Jenna Ortega, from the action-packed movie "X." Lorraine's style is a mix of edgy and cozy, reflecting her adventurous spirit and her ability to adapt to any situation. Her signature look starts with a combination of a yellow lace bra and Sunday letter brief boy shorts, adding a touch of playful allure beneath her outfits. On top, she rocks a brown-white V-neck sweater, perfectly contrasting the wavy short black wig she wears to complete her fierce appearance.

Lorraine's wardrobe also includes a unique knitted vest layered over her sweater, adding texture and warmth to her ensemble. As she embarks on thrilling journeys, you'll often spot her with her trusty headphones hanging around her neck, always ready to tune into her favorite tunes and stay focused. To emphasize her adventurous spirit, she sports a thin braided leather belt, which not only adds a touch of ruggedness but also comes in handy for attaching her faux axe when the situation demands it.

Her footwear of choice comprises sturdy brown boots, allowing her to navigate any terrain fearlessly. During quieter moments, Lorraine slips into a long nightshirt, providing comfort and ease as she reflects on her mission. For casual outings, she opts for eye-catching flare denim red pants that match her fiery personality and stand out in any crowd.

Lorraine's ensemble is a perfect representation of her multifaceted character, combining elements of courage, practicality, and a hint of rebellion. So, whether you're a fan of action-packed movies or looking to channel your inner adventurer, Lorraine's costume from "X" offers plenty of inspiration for a standout and dynamic Halloween or cosplay look!

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How To Dress Like Lorraine From X

Lorraine X Halloween Costume

Dress like Lorraine from X;

Step 1: Start with the Base - For Lorraine's signature outfit, you'll need a yellow lace bra and Sunday letter brief boy shorts as the base layer. This adds a touch of playfulness to her character and sets the tone for her adventurous spirit.

Step 2: Cozy and Chic - Layer a brown-white V-neck sweater over the bra and boy shorts. This combination reflects Lorraine's practical and cozy side, while still maintaining a stylish look.

Step 3: Wavy Black Wig - Lorraine's short, wavy black wig is a crucial element to complete her fierce appearance. It adds a touch of mystery and perfectly complements her outfit.

Step 4: Accessorize - Don't forget the details! Add a knitted vest for extra texture and warmth, along with a thin braided leather belt for a touch of ruggedness. Carry a faux axe as a prop to show off Lorraine's adventurous spirit.

Step 5: The Right Footwear - Complete the look with a pair of sturdy brown boots that will allow you to navigate any Halloween adventure with confidence.

Lorraine Cosplay

Step 1: Embrace Lorraine's Quiet Demeanor - Lorraine is a reserved character, so embody her demeanor by keeping your interactions mysterious and subtle. Let your actions speak louder than words.

Step 2: Show Interest and Curiosity - As the night progresses, gradually become more intrigued by your surroundings, just like Lorraine's increasing interest in adult filmmaking. Show a hint of curiosity in your eyes and body language.

Step 3: Keep Your Headphones Close - Throughout the party, make sure to keep your headphones around your neck, not only to add a stylish touch to your Lorraine costume but also to pay tribute to an important aspect of her character. In the movie "X," Lorraine is often seen holding the microphone during adult filmmaking scenes, highlighting her involvement as a sound worker. By having the headphones close by, you symbolize her role in capturing the movie's sounds and immersing yourself in the character's world. Feel free to put them on from time to time, as if you're always ready to tune into your favorite tunes or perhaps to attend to some secret audio cues during your Halloween adventure. This small detail will add depth and authenticity to your Lorraine Halloween costume, making it even more memorable!

Step 4: Express Emotion Through Your Actions - Lorraine doesn't express herself verbally much, so rely on your facial expressions and body language to convey your feelings during interactions.

Step 5: Channel Confidence - In moments of decision-making, draw from Lorraine's adventurous spirit and show confidence in your choices, even if they seem unconventional.

About Lorraine

Lorraine X Cosplay

In "X," Lorraine is a quiet and enigmatic character who initially keeps to herself while accompanying a group of filmmakers. Her boyfriend, RJ, is a director she occasionally assists with filming. As the story unfolds, Lorraine becomes increasingly intrigued by the world of adult filmmaking, despite feeling uncomfortable with it at first.

During the Halloween party, Lorraine discovers a dark secret, leading to a series of suspenseful events. She shows courage in the face of danger but meets a tragic end as she tries to escape from a terrifying situation.

Lorraine's physical appearance is that of a young adult woman, standing at 5'1" with shoulder-length dark brunette hair and dark brown eyes. She wears various outfits throughout the movie, including a brown, yellow, and white T-shirt with red-brownish jeans, a yellow bra with white underwear, and an oversized blue, red, and white striped shirt serving as a nightgown.

Lorraine Halloween Costume

Dressing up as Lorraine from "X" for Halloween is sure to captivate and intrigue fellow party goers. Embrace her mysterious demeanor and adventurous spirit to truly embody the character. With the right costume and acting, you'll be the talk of the Halloween party!

Lorraine Additional Tips:

To enhance your Lorraine Halloween costume, consider practicing subtle expressions and gestures in front of a mirror to master her quiet yet expressive mannerisms. Additionally, pay attention to Lorraine's body language and movements in the movie to fully capture her character's essence. Most importantly, have fun and embrace the thrill of becoming Lorraine for the night!

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