Dress Like Princess Fiona

Enter the enchanting world of Princess Fiona, a character beloved by Shrek fans of all ages. With her fiery spirit and captivating personality, Fiona has won hearts worldwide. If you've ever dreamed of becoming this iconic princess for Halloween, you're in luck. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of crafting your very own Fiona costume and even offer tips on how to embody her regal charm. Get ready for a fairy tale transformation!

Fiona Costume


How To Dress Like Fiona from Shrek

Princess Fiona Cosplay

Before we embark on our journey to become Fiona, the first thing to remember is that she's no ordinary princess. With her distinctive green skin and spirited nature, Fiona is a character that stands out. Let's delve into the steps to create your Fiona costume.

Step 1: The Royal Wig with Crown

Fiona's trademark red hair is a crucial element of her look. Find a Fiona wig with a crown, ensuring it captures her majestic essence.

Step 2: Shrek Dress-Up Ears

Don't forget to add Fiona's signature ogre ears. These Shrek-themed ears will make your costume instantly recognizable.

Step 3: Fiona's Dress

Fiona's dress is fit for a queen. Look for a dark green, ankle-length dress adorned with motifs, replicating the attire of the Queen of Far Far Away.

Step 4: Fiona's Hair

Emulate Fiona's hair by securing your wig in a ponytail. It's essential to mimic her distinct hairstyle.

Step 5: Accessories: Green Shoes and Face Paint

Complete your Princess Fiona Halloween costume with green flat shoes and green face paint. These finishing touches will tie the entire look together.

Fiona Cosplay

Princess Fiona Halloween Costume

About Fiona

Princess Fiona, a central character in the Shrek movie franchise, is a beloved figure known for her captivating beauty and fiery spirit. As the wife of Shrek, daughter of Queen Lillian and King Harold, and a cherished friend to Donkey, Fiona is both strong-willed and compassionate. She evolves from a fairy tale princess into a queen, adeptly managing the responsibilities that come with her royal title.

What sets Fiona apart is her ability to remain true to herself. She possesses an independent nature and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making her a formidable and resourceful character. Fiona's transformation into an ogre further highlights her unique and multifaceted personality, as she learns to embrace her true self and continues her adventures as a loving mother and wife.

Fiona Halloween Costume

Additional Tips:

  • If you have friends dressing as Shrek and other Shrek characters, consider forming a themed group costume for added fun.
  • Practice Fiona's distinctive accent to enhance your character portrayal.
  • Carry a plush toy dragon or a picture of Donkey to complete your Fiona ensemble.
  • Share Fiona's memorable lines and catchphrases throughout the evening for a touch of authenticity and humor.


With our Fiona costume guide and character tips, you're ready to make a grand entrance at your Halloween celebration. From the royal attire to the graceful demeanor, you'll embody the spirit of this beloved princess. Embrace Fiona's confidence, independence, and warm heart, and remember that true royalty comes from within. Have a fairy tale-inspired Halloween!

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