Dress Like Wraith

Welcome to the world of Apex Legends, where legends collide and battles rage. Among these legendary characters, Wraith stands out as a mysterious and powerful figure, capable of bending spacetime to her will. If you've ever wanted to embody this enigmatic fighter, you're in luck. In this guide, we'll show you not only how to dress like Wraith from Apex Legends but also how to fully embrace her character for your next Halloween party or cosplay event. So, let's dive into the void and become the Wraith!

Wraith Cosplay Costume


How To Dress Like Wraith from Apex Legends

Wraith Costume

Before we take our first step into becoming Wraith, it's essential to understand her signature style. Wraith is known for her sleek yet mysterious appearance. With her iconic bun hairstyle and unique bodysuit, she's a character that demands attention. Let's start our transformation.

Step 1: The Freetress Equal Synthetic Bun

Wraith's hairstyle is unmistakable. Begin by getting yourself a Freetress Equal Synthetic Bun in a shade similar to her hair color. This bun will set the stage for your Wraith look.

Step 2: The APEX Hero Wraith Lycra Spandex Bodysuit

The centerpiece of your Wraith costume is her bodysuit. Look for an APEX Hero Wraith Lycra Spandex Bodysuit that captures the essence of her design. It should be skin-tight and feature her iconic patterns.

Step 3: Black Boot and Scarf

To complete the Wraith look, you'll need black boots that match the sleek style of her costume. Additionally, don't forget to add a black scarf for that added layer of mystique.

Step 4: Metal Wraith Knife

Wraith is known for her deadly accuracy and knife-wielding skills. Find a metal knife prop to carry with you, adding authenticity to your costume.

Step 5: Apex Legends Wraith Costume Accessories

To add the finishing touches, consider including accessories like the Funko Pop-Wraith figure and other Apex Legends-themed items to truly immerse yourself in the world of Wraith.

Wraith Cosplay

Wraith Costume

About Wraith

Wraith is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality — but she has no idea how she got that way. Years ago, she woke up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no memory of her life before. She also began hearing a distant voice whispering in her mind that would keep her awake for days on end. Despite nearly driving her insane, once she started to listen and trust it, the voice helped her harness her newfound power of void manipulation and escape the facility.

Wraith is a character shrouded in mystery, both in her abilities and her past. Her determination and resilience make her a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Games.

Wraith Halloween Costume

  • To perfect your Wraith look, consider using makeup to replicate her facial features and expressions.
  • Practice her iconic void walk pose for photos, as it's instantly recognizable to Apex Legends fans.
  • Watch gameplay and cutscenes featuring Wraith to understand her character better and adopt her mannerisms.
  • Don't forget to strike a balance between maintaining mystery and engaging with fellow partygoers; you're there to have fun, after all.

Becoming Wraith from Apex Legends is not just about the costume; it's about fully immersing yourself in the character's aura of mystery and power. With the right outfit, mannerisms, and mindset, you'll be the embodiment of Wraith, leaving a lasting impression at any event. So, embrace the void, step into the Apex Games, and let the legend of Wraith come to life!

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