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Undeniably arrogant, Yoru is known to be easily annoyed and irritated by people, including his own teammates. He tends to act as a lone wolf, preferring to take out entire opposing teams alone and has initially shown to work with his team only out of reluctance, but over time he has become a team player. Yoru, the mighty riftwalker that he is, holds himself and his skills very high, always looking down on his enemies and referring to them as "minnows" - little more than small fish.

Such thoughts were also seen in action when he alone could take out up to twenty enemies at once. Although some of these actions are considered heroic by passers-by when used to bring order to the streets, Yoru himself dislikes being viewed as a savior or a hero for what he does.

How To Dress Like Yoru From Valorant

Valorant Yoru Hallloween Costume

Dress Like Yoru From Valorant

Yoru has spiky hair that is two shades of blue, one lighter and the other much darker. He wears a blue ear piercing on each earlobe and he has a slit on his left eyebrow. The most notable part of his uniform is his unique blue jacket with two spikes on both shoulders, an orange insignia with a skull and crossbones on the shoulders, and his logo resembling a wolf embedded on his back. He also wears black pants and a pair of black shoes. When Yoru activates his ultimate ability, he dons a samurai mask that features a mouth with two fangs.

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Valorant Yoru Cosplay

While he is irritable, he is neither hotheaded nor impatient. In fact, his powers compel him to think strategically when moving unseen behind enemy lines, and he takes his time getting into position to ensure he's perfectly taking out his opponents. This was seen in "RETAKE" where he fended off Omega agents on Bennett Island with more awareness as opposed to Phoenix's blind rush towards the enemy.

Yoru Cosplay

A radiant man from Tokyo, Japan, Ryo Kiritani is a man dedicated to uncovering his past. Particularly interested in his ancestors and an ancient samurai order, Kiritani's quest has consistently led him to the kingdom's S22 container port. On his first visit, he broke into the facility and stole a mask made of samurai armor that allowed him to see into another dimension. He was later recruited by the VALORANT protocol as the fifteenth agent "Yoru" and returned there shortly after as he was adept at using S22 to prevent a spike detonation by enemies of Omega Earth.

However, Yoru was still not done with S22 and continued to return to the location despite other missions for the record and against the advice of his superiors. His research led him to the discovery of new information about radianite and the alternate dimension that he could access and enter with his powers. Yoru found part of the ship with older dimensional stuff and suddenly fell into a space that felt like traveling from "now to then". He pushed forward as far as he could and heard a woman's voice calling out to him, one he thought he recognized, but before he could answer, the rift closed.

Left with even more questions, Yoru continues his research while serving as VALORANT's agent, hoping that one day the leaders of the protocol will see the value of investigating these events with him.

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