Eazy-E Costume

Eazy-E Costume

You need the following items for your Eazy-E Costume:

  1. Black Baseball Cap
  2. Black Afro Wig
  3. Nike Cortez
  4. Black Front-Zip Jacket
  5. Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  6. Old School Style Sunglasses
  7. Levi's Jeans
  8. Rapper's Gold Chain
  9. Rapper's Gold Watch
  10. Rapper's Jewelry
  11. Black Fingerless Gloves

Many items in this guide image are items identified by Eazy-E. It's so fun and cool to wear Rapper costumes on Halloween or other special occasions. You can wear the costumes of leading Rap Artists with your friends and have even more fun.


How To Dress Like Eazy-E

Eazy-E Halloween Costume Guide

Dress like Eazy-E;

Eazy-E Costume: For your Eazy-E Halloween costume, you will need a black baseball cap, a black front-zip jacket, short sleeve t-shirt, Nike Cortez and jeans.

Eazy-E Accessories: To complete your Eazy-E look, don't forget to get a black Afro wig, a gold watch, old-school style sunglasses, a rapper's gold chain, a rapper's jewelry and last but not least, black fingerless gloves.



Eazy-E Halloween Costume

Eazy-E Cosplay Costume

Eric Lynn Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper, record producer and entrepreneur from Compton, California. He performed in the solo and hardcore hip hop group N.W.A. After dropping out of high school in the tenth grade, he made a living selling drugs before investing in Ruthless Records and becoming a rapper. According to Wright's mother, before N.W.A. in a group called High-Powered DJs. Brutal artists Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, Cube and Eazy formed NWA in late 1986 when Dre was writing a song called "Boyz-n-the-Hood". DJ Yella, MC Ren and Arabian Prince became N.W.A after joining the group. released a compilation album. and Pos. They released their controversial debut album Straight Outta Compton in 1988. The band released two more albums, followed by Dr. After the split, Dre was kicked out of his contract. Eazy-E was influenced by 1970s funk bands, contemporary rappers and comedians. His unique style and voice made him recognizable and helped him become a star. On February 24, 1995, Eazy was admitted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where it was believed he had asthma but was instead diagnosed with AIDS. He announced his condition on March 16 and died of complications ten days later.


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