Dress Like Jessie From Toy Story

Toy Story Jessie Costume


You will need the following items for your Jessie Halloween costume:

  1. Toy Story Jessie Costume Hat
  2. Western Belt Buckle
  3. Cowgirl Pants
  4. Jessie Cowgirl Costume Shirt
  5. Casual Leather Belt
  6. Red Wig
  7. Western Cowboy Boots
  8. Denim Jeans Shorts

Jessie is such a sweet girl. For this reason, it is preferred by many people on Halloween. Jessie wears a Western style. Some famous names also made Jessie costumes. One of these celebrities is Kendall Jenner.

For Jessie Full Costume


How To Dress Like Jessie From Toy Story

Kendall Jenner Toy Story Halloween Cosplay Costume (2022)

Dress like Jessie;

Jessie Costume: For your Jessie Halloween costume, you will need a cowgirl costume shirt, denim jeans shorts, cowgirl pants, and western cowboy boots.

Jessie Accessories: To complete your Jessie look, don't forget to get a red wig, a red hat, a western belt buckle and last but not least, a casual leather belt.


Jessie Halloween Costume

Toy Story Jessie Costume

Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl is a co-star in the Disney-Pixar Toy Story franchise and debuts in Toy Story 2. He is the best friend and former member of Bullseye, a vintage 1950s cowgirl toy from Woody's Roundup Gang, which originally belonged to Emily. Jessie initially wants to be a collector and cannot accept that Woody has an owner named Andy and his space toy friend Buzz, but comes to terms with the truth when the Cowboy and the Space Ranger rescue Jessie from the plane bound for Japan.

Jessie is a friendly, sarcastic and excited cowgirl doll. He likes to be loved by all children and has the power of yodeling. He hates being in the warehouse - because it makes him claustrophobic - and having no one to love him.

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