Dress Like Eli Moskowitz

Are you a fan of the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai and looking to dress up as your favorite character for Halloween? Look no further than Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz, the tritagonist of the show who undergoes a dramatic character arc over the course of five seasons.

Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz Costume


You will need the following items for your Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz Halloween costume:

  1. Red & Black T-Shirt
  2. Nike Men's Athletic Jacket
  3. Nike Men's Standard Fit Fleece Trousers
  4. Red and Black Mohawk Wig
  5. Cobra Kai Halloween Costume

Eli decided to take a new path in life and joined the Cobra Kai Dojo, which gave him a newfound confidence. However, he became corrupted by the dojo's ruthless mentality and lost touch with his conscience. He eventually regretted his choices and left the dojo, seeking redemption by joining the combined Miyagi-Do Karate and Eagle Fang Karate dojos. Unfortunately, his former friends were not forgiving and punished him for his past actions. Despite this, Eli persevered and eventually became the 2019 boys division champion in the 51st Annual Karate Championships as a member of Miyagi-Do.

To get the look of Eli Hawk, one can wear a red and white t-shirt, black fleece trousers, a black athletic jacket, and a red and black Mohawk wig.

How To Dress Like Elie Hawk From Cobra Kai

Eli Moskowitz Halloween Costume

To dress up as Hawk for Halloween, you'll need a few key items. First, start with a red, blue, and blue t-shirt, which is one of Hawk's signature looks. On top of that, add a black and gray track jacket, which will keep you warm on a chilly Halloween night while also completing the look.

For the bottom half of the costume, you'll want to wear a pair of Nike Men's Standard Fit Fleece Trousers, which are both comfortable and stylish. These will give you the same sporty look that Hawk sports throughout the show.

To complete the costume, you'll need a red and black Mohawk wig, which is one of Hawk's most distinctive features. You can find wigs like this at most costume or party supply stores, or you can order one online.

Finally, you'll want to add a Cobra Kai Halloween costume, which is a nod to the dojo where Hawk first learned to fight. You can find pre-made costumes like this online, or you can put together your own by wearing a black gi and adding a red cobra patch to the back.

With these key items, you'll be well on your way to creating an amazing Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz costume for Halloween. Don't forget to practice your best Hawk impression, and have a great time trick-or-treating or partying with your friends!

Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz Cosplay

If you're planning to dress up as Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz this Halloween, you'll want to make sure you act the part too. Hawk's personality and behavior change significantly over the course of the series, so here are some tips on how to act like him at the party.

  1. Be confident: After joining Cobra Kai, Hawk develops a lot of confidence in himself and his abilities. So, channel that confidence and don't be afraid to speak up or stand up for yourself. Walk with a swagger and show off your "badass" persona.
  2. Embrace the aggressive mindset: Hawk becomes extremely aggressive after joining Cobra Kai, so don't be afraid to let your aggressive side show. Cheer on any fights or arguments that break out at the party and be ready to defend yourself or your friends if needed.
  3. Show loyalty to your friends: Hawk is fiercely loyal to his fellow Cobra Kai students, so make sure you stick up for your friends and show solidarity with them. Don't let anyone talk down to or disrespect your group.
  4. Stay true to your values: Despite becoming a bully himself, Hawk still retains some of his old values. He shows respect towards students who can put up a good fight against him and shows love for his ex-girlfriend Moon. So, don't completely abandon your own values or morals just because you're trying to act like Hawk.
  5. Consider a redemption arc: Over the course of the series, Hawk starts to have a crisis of conscience and becomes uncomfortable with Kreese's more ruthless methods. So, if you really want to get into character, consider having a mini-redemption arc at the party. Apologize for any wrongdoings or bullying, and try to make amends with anyone you may have hurt in the past.

Remember, dressing up as a character is all about having fun and getting into character. With these tips, you'll be sure to have a great time acting like Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz at your Halloween party. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!

Eli Hawk Halloween Costume

After finally taking control of his life and gaining recognition, Hawk's ego becomes inflated and he starts taking risks, resulting in a hotheaded and aggressive nature. His unwavering loyalty to Johnny and later Kreese leads him to have difficulty distinguishing right from wrong, as he follows their rules and mantra to the letter. Even when Johnny tries to instill morals in his students, Hawk believes that anything outside of Cobra Kai's teachings is a weakness. Joining Cobra Kai gave Hawk a sense of identity, but unfortunately, it also led to him becoming a bully to his former friend Demetri. He becomes cruel and vengeful in his approach to life, going from a victim to an aggressor.

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