Dress Like Envy Adams

Are you ready to unleash your inner rockstar this Halloween with a costume inspired by Envy Adams from "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"? Look no further, because we've got you covered with this hilarious and informative guide on how to dress up as the lead singer of The Clash at Demonhead.

Envy Adams Costume


You will need the following items for your Envy Adams Halloween costume:

  1. Sword Necklace
  2. Blonde Wavy Hair Wig
  3. Mini Club Dress
  4. Trench Coats
  5. Platform Heels
  6. Snake Ring
  7. Black Nail Polish
  8. Hoop Earrings



How To Dress Like Envy Adams From Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Envy Adams Outfits

Dress like Envy Adams;

Envy Adams Costume: For your Envy Adams Halloween costume, you will need a black mini-club dress and platform heels.

Envy Adams Accessories: To complete your Envy Adams, don't forget to get a sword necklace, a blonde wavy hair wig, a snake ring, black nail polish and last but not least, a hoop earring.


Envy Adams Halloween Costume

Envy Adams Halloween Costume

Here are some tips on how to act like Envy Adams for Halloween:

Confidence: Envy is depicted as confident and self-assured, so make sure to channel that in your performance. Stand tall, walk with purpose, and hold your head up high.

Sharp Tongue: Envy is known for her quick wit and ability to put others down with her words. If you're comfortable with it, try incorporating some sarcastic comments and jabs into your performance.

Musicianship: Envy is the lead singer of the band "The Clash at Demonhead." If you're familiar with the music from the film, consider incorporating it into your performance by lip-syncing or singing along to her songs.

Attitude: Envy is a strong and independent woman, so try to embody her attitude by being unapologetically yourself. Don't be afraid to stand out and make a statement with your performance.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your Halloween costume! If you're not comfortable with any of these elements, feel free to modify them or make them your own.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Cosplay

If you're dressing up as Envy Adams for Halloween, you and your friends and family can create a fun "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" group costume! Here are a few suggestions for characters that could join you:

  • Scott Pilgrim: The protagonist of the movie, Scott Pilgrim, can be dressed in his signature look, including a red hoodie, black pants, and Converse sneakers.
  • Ramona Flowers: Ramona's colorful hair, pink and blue sweater, and red boots make her an easy and recognizable costume choice.
  • Knives Chau: Knives is known for her schoolgirl uniform, including a plaid skirt, white blouse, and knee-high socks.
  • Matthew Patel: The first evil ex to challenge Scott, Matthew Patel can be dressed in his dapper suit and cape.
  • Lucas Lee: The second evil ex, Lucas Lee, can be dressed in his professional skateboarder outfit, including a denim vest and a red beanie.
  • Roxanne 'Roxie' Richter: Who is a Rockstar?

There you have it! With these seven characters, you and your friends and family will have a blast creating a "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" group costume for Halloween!

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