Dress Like Roxanne Roxie Richter

"Roxie's Halloween Guide: How to Be the Badass Rockstar from Scott Pilgrim!"

Are you ready to rock the Halloween party with your stylish yet tough look? Well, why not channel your inner Roxie, the badass rockstar from the movie Scott Pilgrim?

Roxie Richter Costume


How To Dress Like Roxanne Roxie Richer From Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Roxanne Roxie Richter Outfits

Dress like Roxanne Roxie Richter;

Roxanne Roxie Richter Costume: For your Roxanne Roxie Richter Halloween costume, you will need a black training sports bra bikini, a faux leather cropped moto jacket, black mini skirt and winter carnival waterproof boots.

Envy Adams Accessories: To complete your Roxanne Roxie Richter, don't forget to get a leather vintage punk rock grommet belt, black floral pantyhose, lipstick, black fingerless mesh fishnet gloves and last but not least, a black liner & shadow combinations.


Roxanne Roxie Richter Halloween Costume

Roxanne Roxie Richter Halloween Costume

To act like Roxie Richter from "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" for Halloween, consider the following:

  • Confidence: Roxie is a badass rockstar, so embrace your confidence and don't be afraid to take charge. Stand tall and walk with purpose.
  • Attitude: Roxie has a tough and edgy attitude, so channel that inner strength and don't be afraid to speak your mind.
  • Music Skills: If you're musical, show off your skills by carrying a guitar or performing a rock song or two as Roxie.
  • Hair and Makeup: Roxie has choppy, blonde hair and bold eye and lip makeup. Use a wig or dye your hair temporarily to achieve the look, and use a smoky eye palette and dark lip color for your makeup.
  • Interactions: Roxie is confident and fearless, so interact with others in a bold and unapologetic manner.

Remember, the key to being Roxie Richter for Halloween is to embody her confidence, attitude, and style. Have fun and let your inner rockstar shine!


Scott Pilgrim vs The World Cosplay

If you're going as Roxanne "Roxy" Richter for Halloween, here are some other characters from the movie that your friends and family could dress up as for a group costume:

Scott Pilgrim: The protagonist of the movie and Ramona's love interest.

Ramona Flowers: The love interest of Scott and the one with seven evil exes to defeat.

Kim Pine: Scott's former drummer and best friend.

Stephen Stills: Scott's bandmate and best friend.

Wallace Wells: Scott's gay roommate who is a mentor and friend.

Matthew Patel: One of Ramona's evil exes who is a demon hipster.

Lucas Lee: One of Ramona's evil exes who is a skateboarder and movie star.

Todd Ingram: One of Ramona's evil exes who is a vegan and has psychic powers.

Envy Adams:Who is a lead singer.

Have fun with it and let your creativity run wild! You and your friends are sure to turn heads with a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World group costume.

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