Dress Like Flo Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about costumes. And what better costume to rock this year than the iconic Flo from Progressive commercials!

For those of you living under a rock, Flo is the perky salesperson in Progressive's TV commercials who always sports an all-white outfit and neat hair. She's become a pop culture phenomenon and one of the most recognizable characters on TV.

Flo From Progressive Costume


You will need the following items for your Flo Halloween costume:

  1. Women's Polo Shirt
  2. Scrubs Drawstring White Cargo Pants
  3. Satin Hard Headband
  4. Flo Girl Wig
  5. Timex Women's Easy Reader Leather Strap 30mm Watch
  6. Blank Name Tag
  7. I Love Insurance Badge
  8. Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers
  9. NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy
  10. jane iredale PureMoist Red Lipstick
  11. Progressive  Flo Insurance Girl Apron

To dress like Flo from the Progressive commercials, you will need a white apron and a white polo shirt, similar to the uniform she wears in the advertisements. You can also style your hair in a shoulder-length flippy hair to complete the look. Additionally, you may want to add accessories such as a thin watch and an "I ❤️ INSURANCE" and "FLO" name tag to fully embody Flo and make your costume stand out. Make sure to practice Flo's friendly and confident demeanor, as it's a key aspect of the character.

How To Dress Like Flo From Progressive

Step 1: The All-White Outfit: The first step in dressing like Flo from Progressive commercials is to assemble her iconic all-white outfit. Start by finding a white polo shirt that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Look for one with short sleeves and a collar, as this is the base of Flo's uniform. Pair the polo shirt with white pants or scrubs drawstring white cargo pants. The pants should be loose-fitting and have a relaxed look. This combination of the white polo shirt and white pants creates the foundation of Flo's recognizable outfit.

Step 2: The Hair: Flo is known for her shoulder-length flippy hair, which adds to her vibrant and energetic persona. If you have similar hair, you can style it accordingly by adding volume and flips to achieve that signature look. However, if your hair is different, don't worry! You can easily find a Flo girl wig online or at a costume store. The wig will instantly transform your appearance and help you embody Flo's character.

Step 3: The Makeup: To complete the Flo look, pay attention to the makeup details. Start with a fresh-faced base by applying a light foundation or BB cream to even out your skin tone. Flo's makeup is natural and emphasizes her vibrant features. Add a touch of rosy blush to your cheeks for a healthy glow. The key element of Flo's makeup is her bold red lipstick. Look for a vibrant red shade that matches her signature lip color. Apply the lipstick with precision, making sure to define your lips to achieve that Flo-worthy pout.

Step 4: The Name Tag: No Flo costume is complete without her signature name tag. This small detail adds authenticity to your portrayal of the character. Create your own name tag using a piece of cardboard or find a pre-made one online or at a party supply store. Write "FLO" in bold letters on the name tag, just like she wears it in the commercials. Attach the name tag securely to your shirt or apron, ensuring it is visible and adds that extra touch to your costume.

Step 5: The Accessories: To enhance your Flo costume, consider adding some accessories. Flo is often seen wearing a thin watch, so find a simple wristwatch that complements your outfit. Additionally, you can wear a white apron with the Progressive Flo Insurance Girl logo to further authenticate your costume. If you want to go the extra mile, look for an "I ❤️ INSURANCE" badge to showcase Flo's enthusiasm for her work.

By following these five simple steps, you'll be able to dress like Flo from Progressive commercials and capture her cheerful and approachable style. Stay tuned for the next part of this blog post series, where we'll explore how to act like Flo at the Halloween party, bringing her personality to life.

Flo Cosplay

Step 1: Embrace Flo's Friendly Demeanor: One of the key aspects of Flo's character is her friendly and approachable nature. At the Halloween party, channel Flo's positive energy by greeting everyone with a warm smile and a cheerful "Hello!" Engage in conversations, show genuine interest in others, and maintain a friendly and upbeat attitude throughout the event.

Step 2: Be Confident and Knowledgeable: Flo is known for her confidence and expertise in the insurance industry. To act like Flo, exude confidence in your interactions. Speak clearly and confidently, and be prepared to answer questions or provide information about insurance, just as Flo would. You can playfully drop phrases from the commercials, such as "Now that's Progressive!" or "I can help you save on your insurance needs!"

Step 3: Share Flo's Quirkiness and Humor: Flo has a quirky sense of humor that often shines through in the Progressive commercials. Incorporate some of her wit and humor into your interactions at the Halloween party. Crack a few light-hearted jokes, share funny anecdotes, and embrace the playful side of Flo's personality. Remember to keep it light and ensure everyone is enjoying the humor.

Step 4: Use Flo's Catchphrases: Flo is known for her catchy catchphrases that have become synonymous with the character. Sprinkle these catchphrases throughout your conversations at the Halloween party to stay true to Flo's character. Some popular catchphrases include "I'm sorry, Jon. But I'm already in love – with insurance" and "Discounts for everyone!"

Step 5: Stay in Character: To truly act like Flo, stay committed to the character throughout the Halloween party. Pay attention to your body language, posture, and gestures, mirroring Flo's confident and enthusiastic demeanor. Maintain a positive and approachable vibe, interacting with others in a friendly and helpful manner. Remember, it's all about embodying the essence of Flo and making the Halloween party experience memorable for everyone.

By following these five steps, you'll be able to act like Flo at the Halloween party and bring her vibrant personality to life. So go ahead, embrace the role, and have a blast spreading the Progressive spirit with your Flo-inspired character. Stay tuned for the next part of this blog post series, where we'll delve into an authentic description of the characters, ensuring a plagiarism-free account.

About Flo From Progressive

Flo, portrayed by actress Stephanie Courtney, is the beloved and iconic character from Progressive's commercials. With her infectious energy, quirky personality, and white uniform, she has become a pop culture sensation. Flo's character is known for her friendly demeanor, extensive insurance knowledge, and a penchant for catchy catchphrases.

In the Progressive commercials, Flo embodies the role of a knowledgeable and helpful salesperson, always ready to assist customers with their insurance needs. She confidently explains the benefits of Progressive's services and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Flo's character represents the company's commitment to providing reliable and accessible insurance solutions.

Apart from Flo, Progressive commercials feature a range of memorable characters. We have seen Jamie, played by actor Jim Cashman, as Flo's witty and humorous co-worker. Jamie often engages in banter with Flo, adding a playful dynamic to the commercials. The ongoing banter between Flo and Jamie has become a fan-favorite element of the Progressive advertisements.

In addition to Flo and Jamie, the commercials introduce us to various customers seeking insurance solutions. These customers bring their unique personalities and situations to the screen, providing opportunities for Flo to showcase her problem-solving skills and expertise. From quirky individuals to families, each character represents a relatable insurance scenario that Progressive aims to address.

What sets the Progressive characters apart is their ability to blend humor and relatability with informative messaging. The commercials strike a balance between entertainment and delivering the brand's core message, making them memorable and effective in capturing the audience's attention.

It's important to appreciate the creativity and originality of the Progressive characters, as they have become an integral part of the brand's identity. By bringing these characters to life through costumes and embodying their qualities, we can celebrate the impact they have had on advertising and popular culture.

As we conclude this description of the characters, it is essential to acknowledge the authenticity and uniqueness of each character while respecting the creative work and efforts put into their development. Stay tuned for the final part of this blog post series, where we'll wrap up our exploration of dressing up as Flo from Progressive and provide some additional tips to enhance your Halloween costume experience.

Flo Halloween Costume

In conclusion, dressing up as Flo from Progressive for Halloween is a fantastic choice that allows you to embody the energetic and charismatic character that has captured the hearts of many. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this blog post, you can recreate Flo's iconic look and channel her confident and friendly persona.

Flo has become an iconic figure in advertising and pop culture, thanks to Stephanie Courtney's brilliant portrayal and Progressive's clever commercials. By embracing the Flo costume, you not only pay homage to a beloved character but also showcase your creativity and sense of humor.

Remember to pay attention to the details, such as the white polo shirt, white pants, blue sneakers, and the essential accessories like the name tag and headband. Practice Flo's friendly demeanor and even try incorporating some of her catchphrases to fully immerse yourself in the character.

Whether you're attending a Halloween party, participating in a costume contest, or simply enjoying the festive spirit, dressing up as Flo from Progressive will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd. Be prepared for compliments and recognition as you bring this iconic character to life.

As we wrap up this blog post, we hope you feel inspired and excited to take on the role of Flo for Halloween. Enjoy the process of creating your costume, embracing Flo's persona, and spreading joy wherever you go. Have a Progressive and fun-filled Halloween!

Stay tuned for the final part of this blog post series, where we will provide additional tips to enhance your Flo costume experience and make your Halloween even more memorable.

Additional Tips for an Outstanding Flo Costume Experience


  1. Nail the Look: Pay attention to the details of Flo's appearance to make your costume more authentic. Consider adding a blue headband that matches her style, and style your hair in a shoulder-length flippy fashion to replicate her signature hairstyle. Remember to wear minimal makeup with rosy cheeks and bold red lipstick to capture Flo's fresh-faced look.
  2. Confidence is Key: One of the defining characteristics of Flo is her confident and friendly demeanor. As you dress up as Flo, channel her energy and exude a positive and approachable attitude. Smile, engage with others, and showcase the same enthusiasm that Flo brings to her commercials.
  3. Practice Flo's Catchphrases: To truly embody the character, incorporate some of Flo's famous catchphrases into your conversations. Phrases like "Now that's Progressive" or "I'm sorry, Jon. But I'm already in love – with insurance" can add an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal of Flo.
  4. Strike the Pose: Flo is known for her quirky and playful poses in the Progressive commercials. Practice some of these poses and strike them confidently throughout the Halloween party or event. It will not only capture the essence of the character but also make for some memorable photo opportunities.
  5. Share Flo's Knowledge: Flo is knowledgeable about insurance and often imparts information in a friendly manner. Brush up on some insurance-related facts and share them during conversations. This will not only add depth to your character but also provide an entertaining and educational element to the Halloween festivities.
  6. Embrace the Progressive Spirit: Flo represents the Progressive brand, which is known for its innovative and customer-centric approach. Embrace the Progressive spirit by being helpful, caring, and supportive to others during the Halloween event. Offer assistance, engage in conversations, and create a positive and welcoming atmosphere wherever you go.
  7. Have Fun and Be Yourself: Ultimately, Halloween is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself. While portraying Flo, remember to be authentic and true to your own personality. Use Flo as an inspiration to bring out your own vibrant and lively qualities, making the character your own.

By incorporating these additional tips, you can take your Flo costume experience to the next level. Enjoy the process, interact with others in character, and make lasting memories as the iconic Flo from Progressive.

Happy Halloween!

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