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How To Dress Like A Frat Girl

Frat Girls Halloween Costume
  1. Dress: Frat Girls are often seen wearing sundresses, shorts, or crop tops, and button down shirts with a preppy, collegiate look. Look for pieces in classic colors like navy blue, kelly green, or pink.
  2. Shoes: Frat Girls love their boat shoes, wedges, espadrilles, or flip-flops. Choose a comfortable pair that can handle a night of partying.
  3. Accessories: Frat Girls love to accessorize with statement jewelry like pearls, monogrammed necklaces, or initial necklaces. Don't forget to wear a sorority or frat-themed hat or visor.
  4. Hair: Frat Girls love to keep their hair styled and perfect, even while partying. Go for a messy bun or ponytail, or style your hair in loose waves.
  5. Makeup: Frat Girls usually wear light and natural makeup, with a pop of color on their cheeks and lips.
  6. Attitude: Frat Girls are known for their fun-loving and carefree attitudes. Be confident and have a good time while wearing your costume!

How To Be Like A Frat Girl

If you're ready to party like a Frat Girl this Halloween, listen up! Here are a few tips on how to act the part in a funny and lighthearted manner:

  1. Get ready to rage: Frat Girls are notorious for their wild parties. So grab your solo cup, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to rage!
  2. Speak in hashtags: Frat Girls love social media, so make sure you're speaking in hashtags. For example, "This party is lit #FratLife #RageOn".
  3. Chug it like a champ: Frat Girls are known for their love of beer pong. So, chug that beer like a champ and don't forget to yell "USA!"
  4. Dance like no one's watching: Frat Girls love to dance and don't care who's watching. So, let loose and bust a move like you're auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance.
  5. Be a cheerleader: Frat Girls are always cheering for their frat brothers. So, grab your pompoms and cheer for everyone and everything.
  6. Don't forget the sunglasses: Frat Girls love their sunglasses, even when it's nighttime. So, make sure to rock your shades and give your eyes some much-needed rest from all that partying.

With these tips, you'll be sure to have a hilarious and unforgettable time at your Halloween party as a Frat Girl. Just remember, the most important thing is to have fun and be yourself!

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