Dress Like Evil Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons Evil Costume


How To Dress Like Gene Simmons From Kiss

Gene Simmons Cosplay

Dress like Gene Simmons from Kiss;

Kiss band is known for its music and appealing outfits. Gene Simmons made Kiss unique with his stunning appearance. Cop his costume with a KISS-inspired top, metallic or shiny pants, and finish with jewel-embellished boots.

He has the Cort Axe bass guitar. To complete the look, wear face paint and a period-dated wig. You wear a black t-shirt and metallic suit pants. You can wear platform high boots. Other options; combat bootstraps with triple buckle, leather gothic punk motorcycle boots. Of these, you can choose what you want. We should prefer shimmer accessories.

Gene Simmons Halloween Costume

Gene Simmons Halloween Costume

You can use guard steel armor, battle armor belt, and arm armor. The armor has a breastplate shoulder armor. The chest plate is a great medieval costume. The front and back have leather straps and buckles. It is a black, high-quality, natural appearance curly wig.

The wig is not used one-time. The reason I chose this product, is the most used colors large palette. It has large-sized black and white colors. You can use a ready-made pattern for the facial details. You can choose Cort Gene Simmons Axe Electric Bass Guitar for the right guitar. You can make a model or prefer numbers 4 or 5 of my combine.

Gene Simmons Cosplay

He saw the Beatles on television. And musician Gene Simmons decided he wanted to be in a band. He was co-founding KISS with Paul Stanley in the 1970s.

The Beatles had an important influence on Simmons. He said:

"There is no way I'd be doing what I do now if it wasn't for the Beatles. I was watching The Ed Sullivan Show and I saw them. Those skinny little boys, kind of androgynous, with long hair like girls. It blew me away that these four boys in the middle of nowhere could make that music."

Simmons's first band is Lynx. He played in bands of Missing Links, Long Island Sounds, and Bullfrog Bheer. Simmons formed the rock band, Wicked Lester, with Paul Stanley.  Simmons and Stanley didn't like Wicked Lester's sound and look. They quit Wicked Lester. The eye area of ​​his evil makeup with Kiss comes from the wing Black Bolt.

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