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Gimli Costume


How To Dress Like Gimli From The Lord of the Rings

Gimli The Lord of the Rings Halloween Costume

Dress like Gimli from The Lord of the Rings;

Gimli Costumes: #1 medieval knight Viking tunic renaissance surcoat tabard LARP, #3 Viking Nordic warrior costume.

Gimli Helmet: #2 Norman warrior helmet.

Gimli Costume Wig: #4 red Viking wig and beard set.

Gimli Axes: #5 double headed handmade Viking curved cutting edge engraved sharp cutting double head medieval axe, #9 Viking dragon axe weapon toy

Gimli Costume Tunic: #6 medieval costume Halloween renaissance tunic Viking knight pirate vintage warrior larp shirt.

Gimli Costume Cape: #7 gray cape.

Gimli Costume Chainmail: #8 medieval hauberk chainmail full sleeve shirt mild steel 10 mm butted ring.

Gimli Costume Boot: #10 renaissance medieval boot faux leather mid-calf lace up vintage stage pirate Viking tied boot.

Gimli Costume Armors: #11 gauntlet wristband medieval vambrace arm cuff armor buckled faux leather bracer, #13 steampunk adjustable faux leather body chest harness shoulder armors buckle.

Gimli Costume Pant: #12 ankle banded cuff renaissance pants medieval Viking navigator trouser.

Gimli Costume Belt: #14 Viking embossed wide Nordic faux leather armor knight corset belt.

Gimli Halloween Costume

Gimli The Lord of the Rings Cosplay

Gimli enjoys the great muscular strength and endurance typical of his race. It was said that he could carry the weight of his armor as if it were nothing, and along with Aragorn and Legolas he ran 45 miles in under four days with only a few hours of sleep.

He is undoubtedly a mighty warrior and skilled axe man, having survived countless confrontations with Sauron's forces. He is armed with a battle axe, a double axe, and throwing axes.

Gimli Cosplay

Gimli is a character in LOTR. Gimli was a dwarf of House Durin who rose to fame as the only dwarf member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

He is a stubborn, belligerent, kindhearted, independent, mischievous, loud, foul-tempered, generous, intelligent, meticulous, loving, and idealistic dwarf who joins the Fellowship of the Ring in a bid to destroy the One Ring, killing many orcs in the process. He is close friends with Aragorn and Legolas but is still at odds with the elf due to the thousand-year feud between elves and dwarves.

He takes part in many battles including Moria, Helm's Deep, and the Black Gate. His weapons include two hatchets and a huge battle axe. He is very stubborn and often explains the stubbornness of the dwarves. He loves to fight and even when outnumbered he never backs down and always competes with Legolas to kill more orcs than he does.

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