Dolores Madrigal Costume

Dolores Madrigal Costume

Dolores Madrigal Costume
Dolores Madrigal Dress Dolores Madrigal Wig Dolores Madrigal Accessories Set Red Flat Shoes Dolores Madrigal Costume Set For Toddlers & Girls

Dolores Madrigal Costume Set For Toddlers & Girls

You need the following items for your Dolores Madrigal Halloween costume:

  1. Dolores Madrigal Dress
  2. Dolores Madrigal Wig
  3. Dolores Madrigal Accessories Set
  4. Red Flat Shoes
  5. Dolores Madrigal Costume Set For Toddlers & Girls

Dolores is a supporting character in Disney's Encanto. She is gifted with super-hearing. Even though she hears nearly everything around her, she prefers to be quiet and stay away from attention.

Cosplay Dolores by dressing up in her prop dress and wig, red flat shoes and her accessories set. If you are looking it for your kid, you can get a full costume instead.

Like Mirales, Dolores is not a social person as well. She doesn't like being the center of attention. But you don't have to make this a solo cosplay. Get your family or friends together to dress up as Isabela, Bruno, or Mirabel alongside Dolores.

How To Dress Like Dolores From Encanto

Dolores Madrigal Halloween Costume

Dress like Dolores from Encanto;

Dolores Costume: This is a prop heavy costume idea.  Just look online for Dolores dress, wig, and accessories set. If you don't already have red flat shoes, head to a local retail store where you can easily find a pair. 

Dolores Madrigal Halloween Costume

Dolores is a young Colombian woman with curly brown hair tied into a bun with a red ribbon. She has big brown eyes. She wears a white and yellow shirt with gold embroidery, a long red skirt with yellow and light red stripes, and a red choker with a gold stone in the middle decorated with a ruby, heart-shaped gold earrings and red sandals. She also wears a big red bow in her hair that she wears as a bun. There are many sound waves on the shirt, skirt, and bow of Dolores' outfits, symbolizing her super-hearing.

About Dolores Madrigal

 Dolores is the least emotional, if not entirely stolid, of the family. She speaks or sings as low as a whisper, and unlike her extroverted little brother Camilo and their energetic parents, Dolores does not like to be the center of attention and prefers to stay in the background. Dolores also seems to enjoy helping others, especially her family. She uses her enhanced hearing in different situations when someone asks her to learn or find out something. While this ability can cause problems or other disasters with what she knows, Dolores, like most of her family, is not malicious because she's just trying to be useful. Due to the nature of her talent, Dolores tends to reveal people's secrets even if she doesn't want to, like when she tells the village kids that her cousin Mirabel has no magic talent. Despite her mysterious nature, she didn't tell anyone that Bruno still lives within walls because of the fear others have of him and his powers.

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