Dress Like Dolores Madrigal

Are you planning on dressing up as a character from Disney's Encanto this Halloween? If so, why not consider becoming Dolores Madrigal? Dolores is a fascinating character in the movie with unique abilities that make her stand out from the rest of the Madrigal family. Here's a quick guide on how to create a perfect Dolores Madrigal Halloween costume.

Dolores Madrigal is a 21-year-old Colombian woman with curly brown hair and brown eyes. She has a unique gift for hearing things from far away, and her clothes represent her power with sound wave designs. Her outfit is very distinctive, making it an ideal costume for Halloween.

Dolores Madrigal Costume


Dolores Madrigal Costume
Dolores Madrigal Dress Dolores Madrigal Wig Dolores Madrigal Accessories Set Red Flat Shoes Dolores Madrigal Costume Set For Toddlers & Girls

Dolores Madrigal Costume Set For Toddlers & Girls

You will need the following items for your Dolores Madrigal Halloween costume:

  1. Dolores Madrigal Dress
  2. Dolores Madrigal Wig
  3. Dolores Madrigal Accessories Set
  4. Red Flat Shoes
  5. Dolores Madrigal Costume Set For Toddlers & Girls

Dolores is a character in Disney's Encanto who possesses the gift of super-hearing, but despite her extraordinary ability, she prefers to stay out of the limelight and remain quiet.

To cosplay as Dolores, one can put together a costume by acquiring her signature dress and wig, as well as her red flat shoes and accessory set. Alternatively, for those seeking a full costume for their child, options are available for purchase.

Like Mirales, Dolores is not a social person as well. She doesn't like being the center of attention. But you don't have to make this a solo cosplay. Get your family or friends together to dress up as Isabela, Bruno, or Mirabel alongside Dolores.

How To Dress Like Dolores From Encanto

Dolores Madrigal Halloween Costume
  1. Clothing: Dolores wears a white and yellow shirt with golden-colored trimming on it, with red fabric going through the collar and sleeves. Pair the shirt with a long red skirt with yellow and light-red streaks, to which you can add sound waves and flower-like symbols. You can also create the choker with a golden gem adorned with a ruby on the middle of it, heart-shaped golden earrings, and red sandals to complete the look.
  2. Hair and Makeup: Dolores wears her curly brown hair in a bun and adorns it with a big red bow. For makeup, you will need to wear red lipstick, which Dolores wears to complement her outfit.
  3. Accessories: You can add a pair of headphones to the look, as they represent Dolores's hearing ability. You can also carry around a boombox or a small speaker to emphasize the sound wave pattern on her clothes.

With these items, you can easily create the perfect Dolores Madrigal Halloween costume. You can also customize the outfit according to your preferences by adding or subtracting accessories, changing the color palette or adding your own personal touch.

Dolores Madrigal is a unique and fascinating character in Encanto, making her an excellent choice for Halloween. Her costume is relatively easy to make, and with a little effort, you can bring her to life at any Halloween party or event.

Dolares Madrigal Cosplay

Now that your costume is ready, let's get you 100% ready for the party.

As Dolores, you should try to embody her calm and quiet nature at the party. You can speak in a low whisper and avoid being the center of attention. You may prefer to stay in the background and help others, just like Dolores. However, keep in mind that Dolores can have rare moments of emotional weakness, so you can also express your thoughts and feelings if you feel comfortable doing so.

Since Dolores can become protective of her family, you can show care and concern for your friends or family members at the party. You may also enjoy making jokes or sarcastic comments, but remember to keep them appropriate and not hurtful to others.

Dolores also has a tendency to expose people's secrets unintentionally, so try to avoid gossiping or spreading rumors at the party. Instead, focus on listening and being a good listener when others need your help or support.

Overall, try to embody Dolores' kind and helpful nature while staying true to your own personality and preferences. Have fun at the party and enjoy being in character as Dolores!

Dolores Madrigal Halloween Costume

Dolores, a young Colombian woman, has curly brown hair tied up in a bun using a red ribbon. She possesses big brown eyes and wears a white and yellow shirt, embroidered with gold. Her long red skirt has stripes of yellow and light red, and she pairs it with red sandals. A red choker, adorned with a gold stone in the middle and decorated with a ruby, along with heart-shaped gold earrings, completes her attire. Dolores also wears a large red bow in her hair, which she uses as a bun. Her outfits feature numerous sound waves, representing her extraordinary super-hearing ability.

About Dolores Madrigal

Dolores is the most reserved member of her family, displaying very little emotion. Her voice is often barely above a whisper, and unlike her outgoing brother Camilo and energetic parents, Dolores shies away from the spotlight and prefers to remain in the background. She takes pleasure in assisting her family and others, using her heightened hearing to gather information or help in various situations. Though her ability can sometimes lead to complications or unintended consequences, Dolores has no malicious intent, simply seeking to be helpful. Unfortunately, due to the nature of her talent, Dolores often accidentally reveals secrets, such as when she inadvertently divulges that her cousin Mirabel has no magical abilities. Despite her mysterious demeanor, she keeps the secret that Bruno still resides within the walls out of fear of how others would react to him and his powers.

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