Godfather Costume

Godfather Costume

You need the following items for your Don Vito Corleone / The Godfather Halloween costume:

  1. 2 Piece Tuxedo Set
  2. White Tuxedo Shirt
  3. Pre-Tied Satin Tuxedo Bowtie
  4. Grey Tabby Cat Plush
  5. Artificial Red Rose
  6. Men's Dress Shoes



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Celebrities As Don Vito Corleone

Weeknd as Godfather (Halloween 2021)
Weeknd as Godfather (Halloween 2021)

How To Dress Like Don Corleone From The Godfather

Godfather Halloween Costume

Dress like Don Corleone from The Godfather;

Don Corleone's Tuxedo: As you already know, the movie starts in the godfather himself's office on his daughter's wedding day. He wears a black tuxedo for this occasion.

Don Corleone's Shirt: As the leader of his family and as an Italian in 40s, the godfather is always dressed incredibly and of course his daughter's wedding cannot be an exception. He wears a white shirt that is suitable for a bowtie.

Don Corleone's Bowtie: He wears a simple pre-tied black bowtie.

Don Corleone's Accessories: Don't forget a tabby cat plush and an artificial red flower to complete your godfather Halloween costume.

The Godfather Halloween Costume

Godfather Cosplay

Vito Corleone was the founder and Don of the Corleone family. Vito was born in the small Sicilian village of Corleone in 1887 to Antonio and Signora. He was known to be a quiet kid. In 1901, when Vito was fourteen, his father was murdered by a Sicilian mafia boss named Don Ciccio for refusing to pay tribute to him. His older brother Paolo swore revenge but was murdered shortly afterward during the funeral procession for his father. Desperately, Vito's mother took Vito to the Mafia chief herself to beg for the life of her last son.

The Godfather Cosplay

Vito was very loyal and generous to his friends and allies, but he would always take revenge if betrayed. He was a loving and caring father and husband to his family. After Vito lost his entire family to strangers as a child, Vito held them in high esteem, and since he had survived on the friendliness of strangers on his escape from Sicily, friendship and benevolence were almost as important to him as family. Vito was very sad after Sonny died, knowing that either his civilian son Michael would take over the reins or, as he saw it, his too gentle and weak son Fredo. Vito was very adept at handling a weapon and knew how to disperse it. He was a very smart and logical mafioso who always knew when to make a deal or not and how to proceed. Vito had the foresight of a chess master, was able to predict the consequences and possible chances of seemingly random events years in advance, and was known for solving problems with common sense and using violence only as a last resort. He proved to be a great advisor to Michael even after he took office.

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