Love Quinn Outfits

Love Quinn Outfits

You need the following items to dress like Love Quinn from Netflix's You:

  1. Off Shoulder Blouse
  2. Belted Ankle Jeans
  3. Madewell Arc Earring
  4. Venice Necklace
  5. Paperclip Link Necklace


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Dress Like Love Quinn From Netflix's You

Love Quinn Fashion

When Love Quinn was first introduced in season two, she played the role of the sexy neighbor next door - her outfits were flirtatious and cute, but she stepped it up in season three. Love Quinn becomes the main character and while there is a lot to be said about her relationship with Joe, we have to give due credit to her incredible outfits. Love Quinn started the third season of YOU pretty rocky, but then it happened and her outfits popped.

Love Quinn Fashion

Love is an artistic and enthusiastic chef working as a product manager at Anavrin, a luxury grocery store in Los Angeles. She is not interested in social media or branding and focuses more on her personal life. She is extremely independent and protective of her twin sister, Forty Quinn.

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