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GoGo Tomago Costume


How To Dress Like GoGo Tomago From Big Hero 6

GoGo Tomago Halloween Costume

Dress like GoGo Tomago from Big Hero 6;

Go Go is a young woman of Korean descent. She is rather short in stature, with fair skin, pink lips, short, slightly unkempt black hair with purple highlights, brown eyes, and lavender eyeshadow. As for clothing, she mainly wears clothes that are meant for fitness and physical activity, namely a dark gray leather jacket, fashionably ripped dark gray leggings with purple dots, black shorts with red highlights underneath, white short-sleeved t-shirt, black sneakers with blue on it, and black ones Gloves with bare knuckles. Sometimes you can see her with a white tank top.

In her superhero form, Go Go wears black and yellow armor with yellow maglev discs on her wrists and boots, a matching helmet, and black underwear with a touch of red lining. Her visor was changed from transparent to a purple/magenta hue for the TV series. Go Go's super suit has undergone some changes in the TV series. The armor on her upper arms is deprecated and the armor on her hands has been replaced with bare-knuckle black gloves.

GoGo Tomago Halloween Costume

GoGo Tomago Cosplay

Go Go is a heroine in the form of a woman ruled by silence and experience. A straight forward athlete, Go Go lives for the speed and thrill that life has to offer and is ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Compared to her teammates, she tends to be reserved, introverted, and sardonic, making up for her lack of conversation with irony and sarcasm. Because of their athleticism, Go Go is resourceful in both powered and non-powered situations.

She's also quite adaptable, most notably she's put her newfound skills to good use in one-on-one combat against Yokai, despite only recently learning how to use her suit. However, due to her tastes, Go Go has developed a sarcastic attitude that doesn't make her the most approachable person.

GoGo Tomago Cosplay

She is no-nonsense and has little patience for those who don't take things seriously or who take things too slowly. She is quite strong willed and ultimately protective of her friends. Although it can be difficult to deal with, she will place safety above all, especially the possibility of failure. Under such circumstances, if she drops everything and gets serious, she quickly takes control of a situation through sheer will and determination. Indeed, she becomes an effective leader when the team needs help, carefully choosing what to say to her friends to spur them into action.

Go Go tends to be sarcastic, opinionated, uncooperative, and reckless, much to Wasabi's annoyance, and has been known to throw himself into a fight without thinking. She's also incredulous, to the point that she's unwilling to accept boundaries, and at worst she can be very opinionated. But deep down, Go Go is noble and honorable, so she won't condone an unscrupulous act. Her honor was evident when she stood up to Hiro when his desire to avenge Tadashi led him to kill Yokai in cold blood.

However, what lies behind their thick shell can be an immensely compassionate heart for their friends. For example, she personally hugged Hiro to comfort him after he realized the error of his actions, understood the emotional toll Hiro had taken, and reminded him that there is always a better way than revenge. Despite her initial rejection, Go Go becomes a superhero for Big Hero 6, giving her friends the determination they need to preserve and protect San Fransokyo. Aside from Baymax, she is Hiro's closest on the team.

Her chewing gum is often shown, but in a dangerous situation, she pulls out the gum and sticks it somewhere. This was shown during the chase with Yokai where, tired of Wasabi's driving, he took the wheel to help the team escape Yokai. Then, as she and the team faced Yokai Krei Tech and she was trapped in a sphere of Microbots, she spat out her gum and placed it on the side of her helmet while spinning out of the sphere.

One thing she kept secret from her friends was that she enjoyed going to Muirahara Forest alone to watch birds and draw them as it relaxed and put her in a good mood. When her friends found out about it, she was upset that she had to admit it because it was so different from her tough attitude, and although they didn't mind and offered to try it, she angrily declined, saying it was her only concern.

Despite her tough status, Go Go rarely lets go and raves about things, as in "Something Fluffy" when she temporarily talks to a Mayoi and calls her "Fuzzy Wuzzy".

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