Couple Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Halloween is just in the corner. Make the best time of the year, more special, and try a couple this Halloween to show everyone how cute, scary, fierce, and fun you are as a couple this year. We have plenty of options for you.

  1. Wanda & Vision
Wandavision Halloween

Halloween costume as your Halloween costume? Why not? Cute, popular, vintage, sexy. All in one package if you be WandaVision this Halloween.

Wanda Halloween Costume

Vision Halloween Costume

2. Squid Game

squid game Halloween

Wanna be scary, fun, cute, intimidating? There is an option for everyone in our Squid Game Halloween costume guide.

3. Sylvie & Loki


Ok, we all love ourselves but don't you think Loki a bit overloves himself or maybe herself?

Loki TVA Costume

Sylvie Costume

4. Loki & Loki

President Loki

Loki & Loki & Loki & Loki Halloween costume is great for everyone; friends, fathers, and sons, brothers, couples, and more.

Old Loki


Alligator Loki


President Loki

5.Suzie and Dustin

Suzie And Dustin Costume

Yes it was a 30 seconds scene and yes everyone watched it like watching a cute cat video, howeve there is a drawback for this couple costume; you need to learn "The Neverending Story", if you can call it a drawback at all. Stranger Things offer a lot of awesome costume ideas, yet Suzie and Dustin have special place in fans'  hearts.

6. Martha And Jonas

Martha And Jonas

Do you think that singing "Neverending Story" is the most romantic thing that can take place in a tv series ? Think again... What about traveling through time to save your beloved girl. There is also a drawback for this couple costume idea aswell. You may not want to be Martha and Jonas if you are aunt and nephew. Don't get it ? Check why

7. Lucifer And Mazikeen

Mazikeen And Lucifer Costume

The handsome womanizer devil and his sexy, badass servant, What can be a better duo for halloween ?

8. Yennefer And Geralt 

Geralt and Yennefer Costume

The relationship between Geralt and Yennefer is an indispensible part of the Witcher universe. A powerful warrior and an as if not more powerful sorcerer. Yennfer is as sexy as she is powerful and Geralt i as charismatic as he is strong.

9. The Walking Dead Alpha And Beta

Walking Dead Alpha and Beta

If you think halloween costumes must be scary then scroll no further. Alpha and Beta from The Walking Dead are scary, ugly, terrifying and uhmm smelly enough for 99.999994% of the the population.

10. Joe Exotic And Carole Baskin

Joe Exotic And Carole Baskin Costume

Rule 1: Halloween couple costumes must be romantic.

Rule 168: All rules are made to be broken.

Ok here is the deal. If you dress up as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin as a couple this halloween, half of your friends gonna love your costume and other half gonna love your partner's, so your couple decision will be loved by everyone.

11. Charlie Magne And Vaggie

Charlie Magne And Vaggie Costume

Hazbin hotel is another web cartoon hit this year, actually last year, but we haven't still seen any episodes except the pilot yet. Charlie and Vaggie are two little, cute demon couple. An awesome choice for female duos.

12. Ragnar And Lagertha

Ragnar And Lagertha Costume

Love, Blood, Death, War. History channel's Vikings series is one of the best of that period.  Ragnar and Lagertha: warriors, lovers, rulers but most of all equals. And you know the old viking saying " calm, die in battle and make love in Valhalla."

13. Pussycat And Cliff Booth

Cliff Booth And Pussycat Costume

Not exactly your ideal couple but who know what would happen if unfortunate events hadn't happen. Uhmm yeah you are right nothing good coes out of this couple. They are cute though and very easy to be them.

14. Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane

mr peanutbutter and diane costume

Love has no boundaries; age, gender, race, distance, species, ok last one is a bit unorthodox, but not at a cartoon or at halloween.

15. Elizabeth Liones And Meliodas

elizabeth liones and meliodas Costume

Meliodas is always doing perverte things to Elisabeth yet she always him and we all thought it was because og his kind heart and protective nature but the last season showed us the truth behind their relationship.

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