Heathers The Musical Costume

Heathers the Musical Costume

Heathers The Musical Halloween Costume

Heathers Musical Halloween Costume

Dress like Heathers the Musical;

Heather McNamara Costume: McNamara wears yellow plaid mini skirt, yellow shirt, yellow jacket with black belt. She wears yellow mary jane pumps, yellow socks and has yellow croquet bat.

Heather Chandler Costume: Chandler wears gray & blue plaid mini skirt, red marching band style jacket with golden chain buttons. She wears diamond pattern socks and black, white & red marry jane pumps. She has red croquet bat.

Veronica Sawyer Costume: Veronica wears gray mini skirt which is shorter than other girls' skirts, white shirt and blue jacket. She wears blue socks and black, white & blue mary jane pumps. She has blue croquet bat.

Heather Duke Costume: Duke wears black mini skirt, white dress shirt and green striped dress jacket. She wears green, white & black striped socks and matching mary jane pumps. She has green croquet bat.

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