Helen Decatur Outfits


Helen Decatur Outfits (Red Dress)


Sweet Magnolias Helen Outfits (Mustard Dress)

Sweet Magnolias Helen Outfits

You need the following items for your Helen Decatur's Mustard Dress Outfit:

  1. Mustard Lace Sheath Dress
  2. Blue Office Blazer
  3. 216 pcs False Nails
  4. Mustard Mini Handle Bag
  5. Pixie Wig
  6. Yellow Toe High Heels Pump


Sweet Magnolias Helen Outfit

Sweet Magnolias Helen Outfit

Dress Like Helen Decatur From Sweet Magnolias

Dress Like Helen Decatur From Sweet Magnolias

Dress Like Helen Decatur From Sweet Magnolias;

Helen Decatur Dress: Helen's choice of dress is motly hot colored like mustard, orange etc. She prefers loose comfortable dresses.

Helen Decatur Bag: Helen prefers handbags and shoulder bags matching his outfit. 

Helen Decatur Shoes: Helen preference of shoes are mostly high heels or platform shoes matching her outfit.

Sweet Magnolias Helen Costume

Sweet Magnolias Helen Costume

Helen Decatur is one of the main characters in Sweet Magnolias. She is portrayed by Heather Headley.
Helen is a lawyer. Helen, Dana Sue and Maddie are best friends. She bought a villa to build a spa called The Corner Spa with Maddie and Dana Sue.

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