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Sweet Magnolias Maddie Outfits


Sweet Magnolias Maddie Clothes

Other Items Worn By Maddie From Sweet Magnolias

Maddie Townsend's Striped Shirt
Maddie Townsend's Square Neck Dress
Maddie Townsend's Self Belt Dress
Maddie Townsend's Quincy Dress
Maddie Townsend's Pink Tee
Maddie Townsend's Multi Pink Sweater
Maddie Townsend's Eyelet Shirt
Maddie Townsend's Eyelet Blouse
Maddie Townsend's Blue Tee
Maddie Townsend's Blue Dress
Maddie Townsend's Black Shirtdress
Maddie Townsend's Avery Shirt
Maddie Townsend's White Blouse
Maddie Townsend's Sweatshirt
Maddie Townsend's Camo Sweatpant
Maddie Townsend's High Rise Jean
Maddie Townsend's Crossbody Bag

Other Sweet Magnolias Outfits

Dress Like Maddie From Sweet Magnolias

Dress Like Maddie From Sweet Magnolias

Dress Like Maddie From Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias Maddie Clothes: Maddie has a simple sense of fashion, She prefers simple yet trendy clothes. Her choice of top is mostly simple t-shirts, shirts and pullovers. She prefers wearing pleated skirts  or relaxed fit jeans.

Sweet Magnolias Maddie Bag: Maddie wears handbags or shoulder bags matching her outfit.

Sweet Magnolias Maggie Shoes: Maddie likes open toe sandals a lot. She almost always wears open toe sandals of different colors.

Sweet Magnolias Maddie Fashion

Sweet Magnolias Maddie Fashion

Maddie Townsend is a main character in Sweet Magnolias. It is portrayed by JoAnna García Swisher.
Maddie is a recently divorced woman in Serenity, South Carolina who is trying to get back to work.

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