Holes Costume

Holes Costume

You need the following items for your Holes costume:

  1. Orange Coverall
  2. Banana Color T-Shirt (Alan Squid)
  3. White T-Shirt ( Stanley Yelnats)
  4. Black Undershirt (Rex Washburn)
  5. White Bandana (Alan Squid)
  6. Tight Fro Wig ( Stanley Yelnats)
  7. Red Cap ( Stanley Yelnats)
  8. White Work Gloves
  9. D-handle Square Garden Spade

Holes Halloween Costume

Holes Outfit

Dress like Stanley, Alan & Rex from Holes;

Holes Costume: The main and must-have piece of costume for your Holes costume is an orange coverall. Both men and women can use it.

Holes T-Shirts: In the Holes movie, characters have different kinds of t-shirts however, all wear simple one-color t-shirts.

Holes Accessories: To complete your Holes costume don't forget the suitable headwears for your chosen character.

Holes Cosplay

Holes Cosplay

The Yelnats family is cursed with bad luck that prevents their father from inventing a shoe spray to completely eliminate foot odor. They blame this for the fact that their ancestor Elya did not keep a promise to the fortune-teller Madame Zeroni years ago in Latvia. One day, Stanley Yelnat IV's son is wrongly convicted of stealing a pair of trainers donated to charity by baseball player Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston. He is sentenced to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile prison instead of a prison.

Holes Outfits

The history of Camp Green Lake is revealed in a series of flashbacks: In the 19th century, Green Lake was a thriving lakeside community. Katherine Barlow, a school teacher, is romantically pursued by wealthy Charles "Trout" Walker, whom she turns down because she is in love with an African-American onion seller named Sam. After the jealous Walker caught the two kisses one evening, he instigated the townspeople to burn down the schoolhouse and kill Sam. In retaliation, Barlow kills the local sheriff for ignoring her request for help and becomes an outlaw who chases Walker's men and leaves a kiss on their cheeks with her lipstick. At some point, she steals a gold box from Elya's son Stanley Yelnats Sr. Twenty years later, after years of drought dried up the lake, the now-bankrupt Walkers track down Barlow and urge her to hand over their treasure. Barlow refuses and tells them to dig for the treasure. After that, Barlow dies of a self-inflicted lizard bite, and the Walkers set about digging for the treasure.

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