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The Mask Costume


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The Mask Cosplay

Dress like The Mask;

The Mask's Suit: Out of all the outfits worn by Stanley in the movie The Mask, the yellow dress suit outfit is the best-known one. It consists of a loose cut dress suit (which is very hard to find nowadays) and a white long sleeve dress shirt.

The Mask's Accessories: To complete your the mask Halloween costume, you should also get a yellow fedora hat, his necktie, black and white dress shoes, and finally you need his cosplay mask.


The Mask Halloween Costume

The Mask Jim Carrey Halloween Costume

Stanley Ipkiss is a timid, childish, and unfortunate banker who works at a bank. He is often mocked by everybody around him, except for his dog Milo and his co-worker and best friend Charlie. Meanwhile, gangster Dorian, boss of the Coco Bongo nightclub, is working to bring down his boss Niko. One day, Tyrell sends his pretty singer girlfriend, Tina, to the bank of Stanley to draw the plan of a bank robbery.

The Mask is a green-faced, smiling, curious, crafty wacky character with a vigorous, hyperactive, loony, and wild personality who possesses cartoon-like powers.

The Mask Cosplay

The Mask adores being the center of attention. He is occasionally viewed as a beloved celebrity in Edge City by the public, a splendid dancer, and a gentleman who lures the women over the course of the parties. He is respected and loved by some personnel of the police department, like Doyle. He's a hotshot when wanting to be the top best dancer or the victor of some competitions. 

The Mask is fearless and courageous. He saves citizens repeatedly in the face of enemies while being confident and using his supernatural intellect and his powers and abilities to overcome them. His courage is shown during the time Stanley gets a cold and when he finds out that the cold will kill him and Stanley, he decides to take his face off to save both of them even though he will turn a dull object once more.

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