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Jake Sully Costume


How To Dress Like Jake Sully From Avatar 2

Jake Sully - Avatar 2 Cosplay

Dress like Jake Sully from Avatar 2;

Jake Sully Halloween Costume: Avatar Jake sully bodysuit, jungle man costume, extra-long black double braided wigs.

Jake Sully accessories: Elf ears, satin oasis blue paint, leather wristbands with wood beads, survival black spear with sheath, strong thick brown rope, feather short necklace, fuchsia pink feathers earrings, Jake sully vinyl best avatar mask, makeup liquid face & body blue paint.

Jake Sully Halloween Costume

Jake Sully - Avatar 2 Haloween Costume

In their Na’vi forms, Jake Sully was seen as a fully blue creature with stripes all over their body. The blue look, wear a full-length bodysuit. You are painting the face blue, too. Jake has brown accessories on their bodies. To complete their look, wear brown loincloths, long wigs, tails, and elf ears.

Jake Sully's #1 dress is striped, blue, and has a loincloth. You can get a more jungle Na'vi with the loincloth in number 4 if you want. The long-ear look is easy to achieve with Elf ears. Don't forget to paint them blue with Painter's Touch. You can use a mask or "face and body paint" to get the Jake Sully facial appearance. Accessories are important in the Na'vi look. For this reason, accessories must be enriched. Number 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 can be suitable choices for you to use.

Jake Sully Cosplay

Jake Sully is one of the main characters of Avatar. He is a paraplegic Marine veteran who is one of the 20 avatar drivers. He is from the Omaticaya clan. Jake agreed to replace twin brother Tom in the Avatar Program on Pandora, in which humans control hybrids to safely navigate the planet. He was originally assigned to gather Intel. Na'vi block access to a very large deposit of unobtanium underneath the tree. After meeting Na'vi, Jake abandons his mission. He was not reporting to Quaritch. Jake loves Neytiri. He is accepted into the Omaticaya clan.

He becomes Neytiri's friend. He becomes the sixth Toruk Makto. He leads the Na'vi in the battle to drive the RDA off Pandora. Jake Sully's character is portrayed by Sam Worthington. Jake is depicted as a man, raised on Earth. He leads them to fight the humans for survival. He gives up the human body and takes up the body of his Avatar.

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