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Dress like Jane Foster from Thor Love & Thunder;

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When Jane raised Mjolnir as Mighty Thor, she acquired all of Thor's divine powers. Through the hammer, Mighty Thor had the power of flight and interdimensional transport. She was also able to manipulate electricity and weather. Jane's new identity as the Mighty Thor also changed her physical appearance significantly. Each time she raised the hammer, Mjolnir amplified her power and gifted her with a helmet with long blond hair and a costume that stood as the female equivalent of Thor's iconic looks.

Jane Foster Cosplay

Jane Foster is an extremely intelligent scientist who is passionate about uncovering scientific truths, particularly in astrophysics. Foster's top priority as she couldn't resist investigating an anomaly despite interfering with her uninterrupted access to the anomaly. Foster has great confidence in her research. She also trusted Thor.

She finds work helpful to calm down. Outside of her area of ​​expertise, Foster can be awkward in social situations. She can hide behind her menu and say nothing. Foster possesses a strong childlike wonder at scientific discoveries, especially those that come from Asgard. This fascination with a whole different world of science is one of the reasons she fell in love with Thor.

While Foster is passionate about her research, the only thing that could possibly equal her is her love for Thor. At first, Foster was only intrigued by him since he was able to help her with her research, although she found Thor attractive. Foster bonded with Thor and he taught her about the Nine Realms.

This love has always been in Foster's nature, which makes her a great person. Foster is always willing to help whenever she can.

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