Dress Like Janet Snakehole

Janet Snakehole Costume


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How To Dress Like Janet Snakehole From Parks and Recreation

Janet Snakehole Halloween Costume Parks and Recreation

Dress Like Janet Snakehole From Parks and Recreation;

Janet Snakehole Costume: Black tights, Mary Jane high heel, vintage cocktail dress, 20s 50s vintage flower veil hat.

Janet Snakehole Costume Accessories: Cigarette holder, pearl necklace bracelet earrings.

Janet Snakehole Halloween Costume

Janet Snakehole Cosplay Parks and Recreation

She wears a white pearl necklace, bracelet, veil and black vintage dress. Janet carries a cigarette holder. Janet has pearls around her neck. Janet's elegance perfectly with heels. Janet's black headdress makes her a black widow. Janet made stunning use of her curves in a sheer vintage black dress. You can use a fake cigarette to look like her.

Janet Snakehole Cosplay

Janet Snakehole is April Ludgate's second personality. She is an aristocratic widow. Janet has a terrible secret. She is portrayed by actor Aubrey Plaza. April uses the name Janet Snakehole in a variety of circumstances. She pretends that Janet Snakehole is the daughter of a popular bar owner.

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