Dress Like Burt Macklin

Burt Macklin Costume


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How To Dress Like Burt Macklin From Parks & Recreation

Burt Macklin Halloween Costume Parks & Recreation

Dress Like Burt Macklin From Parks & Recreation;

Burt Macklin Costume: Dockers fit lux cotton pants, FBI jacket, stripe tie, short-sleeve shirt, Bruno Marc leather dress shoes, and Burt Macklin costume.

Burt Macklin Costume Accessories: Leather belt.

Burt Macklin Costume Sunglasses: Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

Burt Macklin Costume FBI IDs: FBI badge holder, FBI style wallet, FBI badge sticker, FBI agent id holder.

Burt Macklin Halloween Costume

Burt Macklin Cosplay Parks & Recreation

Burt Macklin looks like an FBI agent. He wears a light yellow shirt with a brown tie, a blue FBI jacket, and brown sunglasses. Burt is very popular with Parks and Recreation, although you don't see him often. Burt Macklin wears aviator sunglasses, a yellow shirt, an FBI jacket, pants, a classic brown striped tie, and boots.

Burt Macklin Cosplay

Burt Macklin is Andy Dwyer's second personality. Burt is an FBI agent who will do anything to help people and solve the case. Burt is a softie, although he can be mean when questioning potential suspects. Andy uses his second personality, Burt Macklin, when it comes to law enforcement. He is played by actor Chris Pratt.

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