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If you're a fan of classic TV shows and are looking for a unique and fun Halloween costume idea, then consider dressing up as Jeannie from the hit 1960s sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie." Played by the talented Barbara Eden, Jeannie is a popular character known for her signature pink silk outfit, her cute pink hat, and her iconic bottle.

Jeannie Costume


You will need the following items for your Jeannie Halloween costume:

  1. Jeannie Cosplay Costume
  2. Mini Fez Hat
  3. Short Straight Wig
  4. Long Chiffon Sheer Scarf
  5. I Dream Of Jeannie Genie Bottle
  6. Pink Flat Shoes

Let's talk about the one, the only, the iconic Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie." This gal has been making waves in the TV world for decades now, with appearances in not only the original series, but also in "Fifteen Years Later" and even an animated series. And let's not forget about the incredible actress who brought her to life, Barbara Eden, who has won all sorts of awards for her portrayal of this iconic character.

Now, if you're looking to step into Jeannie's shoes (or sandals, as the case may be), you're gonna need to nail that outfit. You'll want to find yourself a pink chiffon scarf, flat pink shoes, and of course, the iconic pink silk ensemble. Oh, and don't forget the short blonde wig to really complete the look. Once you've got all the pieces, you'll be ready to hit the convention circuit or the Halloween party scene, impressing all your fellow TV enthusiasts with your spot-on Jeannie costume.

So there you have it, folks. Whether you're a diehard fan of the original series, or just looking to rock an iconic TV costume this Halloween, Jeannie is always a solid choice. And who knows, maybe with the right costume and a little bit of magic, you'll even be able to find your own Tony to call your own. Now wouldn't that be something?

How To Dress Like Jeannie From I Dream Of Jeannie

Jeannie Halloween Costume

To create Jeannie's main outfit, start with a long, flowing pink silk dress or tunic. If you can't find one in the right color, consider dyeing a white dress or tunic with pink fabric dye. Add a pair of pink harem pants underneath, and wrap a pink sash around your waist. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can also try making your own outfit from scratch using a pink silk fabric.

During the first season of "I Dream of Jeannie," the show was shot in black and white, so the color of Jeannie's outfit was not yet known. During some earlier episodes, Jeannie would also wear silk shawls over her outfit, as actress Barbara Eden was pregnant at the time. To add this element to your costume, consider wearing a pink shawl or scarf over your shoulders.

Jeannie is also known for her signature belly button bead. While other women on the show were allowed to show their belly buttons in later seasons, Jeannie never showed hers until the TV movie "I Dream of Jeannie: Fifteen Years Later." To stay true to the character, add a fake belly button bead to your costume.

When Jeannie would go out to dinner with her master, Tony, or when she was out in public, she would often wear regular clothing. You can recreate this look by wearing a vintage-inspired blouse and a knee-length skirt or trousers. Add a pair of strappy sandals or flats and some delicate jewelry to complete the look.

In the show's fifth season, Jeannie was trying to be a normal wife, and she often wore regular clothing. To channel this version of the character, wear a pastel-colored blouse and a pencil skirt. Add a pair of low-heeled pumps and some retro accessories, like a scarf tied around your neck or a vintage purse.

Finally, don't forget to add Jeannie's signature bottle to your costume. You can find replica bottles online or make your own using a clear plastic bottle and some gold paint or stickers. Carry it with you as a prop, and you'll be instantly recognizable as the iconic character.

In conclusion, Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie" is a classic TV character that makes for a fun and unique Halloween costume. With a pink silk outfit, a fake belly button bead, and her signature bottle, you'll be sure to turn heads at any Halloween party. So go ahead and channel your inner Jeannie this Halloween, and make some magic of your own!

How To Be Like Jeannie

Congratulations on choosing to dress up as Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie" for Halloween! As for how to act at the party, there are a few key traits of Jeannie's personality that you can channel to really get into character.

First and foremost, remember that Jeannie is a genie, eager to please her master and grant his every wish. You can bring this to life by being friendly and approachable, going out of your way to make sure everyone at the party is having a good time. Offer to grab drinks for people, help set up decorations, or make small talk with anyone who seems shy or out of place.

However, Jeannie's eagerness to please can sometimes lead her to go overboard, causing mischief and mayhem. While you don't want to cause any actual trouble at the party, you can play up this aspect of Jeannie's personality by being a bit of a prankster. Maybe you could come up with a silly trick or joke to play on your friends, or try to get them to play a game or dance with you. Just make sure you don't take things too far and upset anyone.

Another key aspect of Jeannie's personality is her immaturity and impulsiveness. She often disobeys her master and uses her powers without thinking things through. You can channel this by being a little bit silly or goofy throughout the night. Maybe you could come up with some quirky dance moves, tell a few corny jokes, or make some off-the-wall comments that will make people laugh.

Finally, Jeannie's passion for her master often makes her overprotective. You don't need to go overboard with this, but you can show your dedication to your "master" (or significant other, if you have one) by being attentive and caring. Maybe you could offer to get them a drink or a plate of food, or make sure they're having a good time throughout the night.

Overall, the key to really embodying Jeannie at the Halloween party is to have fun with it and not take yourself too seriously. Be friendly, playful, and a little bit mischievous, and you're sure to have a great time!

Jeannie Halloween Costume

Listen up folks, it's time to talk about the one and only Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie." First things first, let's talk about her looks. This gal is tall, with skin as white as snow, rose lips, piercing blue eyes, and luscious blonde hair. But what really sets her apart is that iconic outfit made of pink silk. Now, during the first season, the show was shot in black and white, so nobody knew what color that silk was! Jeannie was also sporting some fancy silk shawls during those early episodes because, as it turns out, actress Barbara Eden was pregnant at the time. You gotta admit, that's some pretty creative wardrobe work to cover up a baby bump!

Now, let's talk about Jeannie's signature style choice: the belly button bead. Until the TV movie "I Dream of Jeannie: Fifteen Years Later," Jeannie never showed off her belly button. Instead, she rocked that bead on her stomach like nobody's business. And while other ladies were flaunting their navels left and right, Jeannie stayed true to her style and kept that bead front and center.

But let's not forget what really makes Jeannie Jeannie: she's a genie, baby! And boy, does she love to please her master. Unfortunately, that eagerness to please often leads to all sorts of misadventures. Despite living for over two thousand years, Jeannie can be pretty immature and impulsive. She'll use her powers whenever she wants, regardless of what her master thinks. And when it comes to her love for her master, well, let's just say she's a bit overprotective.

So if you're planning to dress up as Jeannie this Halloween, make sure you've got that pink silk on lock and don't forget the belly button bead! And when it comes to acting like Jeannie, channel that eagerness to please, but be careful not to cause too much chaos. And above all, remember to have fun and embrace your inner genie!

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