Dress Like Judy Hopps

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by dressing up as Judy Hopps, the spunky and determined rabbit from the hit movie Zootopia. With her adorable round face and purple eyes, Judy makes for a perfect costume that is both cute and recognizable.

Judy Hopps Costume


You will need the following items for your Judy Hopps Halloween costume:

  1. Judy Hopps Cosplay Costume For Women
  2. Judy Hopps Cosplay Costume For Girls
  3. Judy Hopps Carrot Recorder And Badge
  4. Handcuffs and Badge for Kids Pretend Toy
  5. Purple Colored Contact Lenses
  6. Women's Winter Lace up Boots

Ahoy there! Let's talk about Judy Hopps, the sassy and determined rabbit who broke through species barriers to become the first bunny officer at the Zootopia Police Department. With her keen sense of justice and love for carrots, she's ready to take on any case and bring the bad guys to justice.

Now, if you want to channel your inner Judy Hopps, you'll need a few key pieces. First off, get your paws on a police uniform, but make sure it's got a cropped vest to show off your hops. Don't forget to bring along her trusty carrot recorder and a set of toy handcuffs in case you need to make an arrest. And let's not forget the all-important black combat boots - a must-have for any bunny on the go.

But if you're really serious about getting the look, you might want to consider getting yourself some light purple contacts to match her mesmerizing eyes. Trust us, you'll look hop-tastic! So go ahead, grab your carrot recorder, don your uniform, and join Judy on her next adventure. You're one step closer to making the world a better place - one carrot at a time.

How To Dress Like Judy Hopps From Zootopia

Judy Hopps Halloween Costume

First, let's talk about Judy's appearance. She is a young rabbit with a lithe build and gray fur. Her underbelly, muzzle, and paws are a lighter shade of gray. She has long ears with black tips, a pink nose, and inner ears. To really nail the look, consider investing in a pair of bunny ears and a furry tail to complete the costume.

Judy is a police officer, so there are a few different uniform options to choose from. Her dress uniform, worn during her graduation, is navy blue with sleeves and a high collar. It has pants with a gold chain and sewn ZPD patches on the shoulders. She also wore a darker tie and a belt filled with various paraphernalia. You could easily recreate this look with a navy blue blazer and pants, and add a gold chain and police patch.

Judy's daily patrol uniform is more casual and consists of dark blue pants, a blue shirt, a Kevlar vest, and black coverings around her wrists and ankles. The uniform is made of neoprene, which allows Judy to work in different types of weather. To recreate this look, you could wear dark blue leggings or pants, a blue shirt, and add some black wrist and ankle coverings.

Finally, Judy's parking enforcement gear is worn over her daily patrol uniform and consists of an orange high-visibility vest with neon yellow lines and a dark blue bowler-type hat with a light blue band that contains the parking enforcement emblem on it. You could recreate this look with an orange vest and a blue hat with a light blue band.

If you want to go for a more casual look, consider dressing up as Judy when she was working as a carrot farmer. For this look, you would need a red-striped pink flannel shirt with rolled-up sleeves, blue jeans, and a beige sun hat.

With these options, there's no excuse not to dress up as Judy Hopps this Halloween. Whether you're patrolling the streets in her police uniform or harvesting carrots on the farm, you're sure to have a hoppy Halloween!

How To Be Like Judy Hopps

As Judy Hopps, you should embody her fiercely optimistic and independent spirit. Be confident and determined in pursuing your goals, and always be willing to lend a helping hand to others. Remember that all mammals, regardless of their species, deserve to be treated equally and without prejudice.

However, be aware that sometimes your determination can lead you to be overconfident and impulsive. Take a moment to think things through before leaping into action. Remember that there may be consequences to your actions, so consider the potential outcomes before making a decision.

Also, be conscious of your unconscious biases and try to overcome them. Judy harbored a degree of fear towards foxes, but she learned to look beyond that and recognize that not all predators are dangerous. Similarly, strive to see beyond stereotypes and preconceived notions about others and make an effort to accept them for who they are.

Overall, as Judy Hopps, you should be clever, kind, and resourceful, and use your strengths to make a positive impact on those around you.

Jusy Hopps Halloween Costume

Let me hop into the world of Judy, the rabbit with a curvy figure and a charming personality! Her gray fur, purple eyes, and pink nose make her look like a true diva. And let's not forget about those long ears with black tips and that adorable pear-shaped tail!

When she's not working as an officer in Zootopia, Judy loves to chill in her casual outfit. Her teal shirt with lavender and black tank top is perfect for a cozy day in. But when it's time to get serious, Judy switches to her uniforms—dress uniform, parking enforcement officer uniform, and field uniform.

Her graduation outfit is fit for a queen with its navy-blue color, gold aiguillette, and a ZPD symbol on the shoulders. And who can resist that black tie with a brass clip? Judy sure knows how to look sharp!

In her field uniform, Judy rocks a dark blue shirt and pants with a matching vest, black wrist and ankle coverings, and metal knee pads. But wait, there's more! She also wears a neoprene uniform that allows her to work in any weather condition.

And let's not forget about her fashionable side! In a deleted scene, she wore a pink nightgown and a pink undershirt with a short-sleeved shirt and leggings. And when she was working as a carrot farmer, she looked like a true country girl in her red-striped pink shirt, stone-washed blue jeans, and a beige sun hat.

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