Dress Like Jeffrey Dahmer? No Thanks

Analysis of Jeffrey Dahmer's Outfits and Look

Jeffrey Dahmer's Eyeglasses:

If you have ever searched online for the term "serial killer sunglasses” there is a pretty high chance that your search result with the pictures of glasses very similar to Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses.

Before talking about the type of the glasses, the first question should be: Are people with glasses more tend to be serial killers than those who do not wear. The short answer is NO. The long answer is: about 60% of adult Americans use some sort of vision correction. And physiologically, serial killers are like the rest of us.

Serial killers with glasses wear different kinds of glasses, from round to cat eye, square to browline. However, Jeffrey Dahmer's infamous popularity have definitely come to define the look. Wire-framed, double-bridged, clear-lens aviators adorning the face of necrophilic, homicidal, cannibalistic, psychopath Dahmer, scratched the look in everyone's brain and the style became notorious.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Contact Lenses: 

If you ever wondered if Dahmer's yellow eyes were his real eyes, the short answer is again "NO". He had blue eyes. But why would he wear yellow eye contacts? What is the story behind this?

The answer is, his obsession with two characters, "Emperor Palpatine" from Star Wars and "Gemini killer" from Exorcist. He was so obsessed with the Gemini killer that, he was watching the movie Exorcist 3 at least a couple of times a day. Dahmer felt a very deep connection with both characters, but especially with the Gemini Killer. So he wanted to look and feel like him.


First thing first. This is not a costume guide, This post was not prepared to show you how to dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer. The purpose of this post is to look in details to the sick serial killer, Dahmer's attire as seen on Netflix to see myths and truths about infamous Dahmer's look. It is based on the Netflix series, not the real Jeffrey Dahmer. Please do not cosplay Jeffrey Dahmer this Halloween or the next Halloween, or any Halloween or non Halloween costume parties. It will surely offend lots of people, including family of the victims of the real Jeffrey Dahmer. Please be responsible.

Let's now have a look at what Jeffrey Dahmer wears on the Netflix show in one place.

Items Worn By Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer's killings were motivated by strong abandonment issues rooted in his fear of rejection and loss and his need for control. 

He was killed as he was about to leave, prompting Dahmer to grab and kill him to prevent him from walking. He felt a kind of sadistic pleasure in luring him.

The cannibalism he practiced, consuming his victims to make them part of himself, was an extension of his need for power.


Jeffrey Dahmer's Court Uniform

Jeffrey Dahmer's Civilian Outfits in List

Jeffrey Dahmer Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Halloween Costume

Jeffrey Dahmer Denim Jacket and Pant, T-Shirt Costume Idea;

Jeffrey Dahmer's Hair: #1 blonde short hair.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Tops: #2 Old Milwaukee red logo & seal brewery adult t-shirt, #5 heavy cotton 100% cotton t-shirt, #7 work wear flame resistant western long sleeve two pocket snap shirt, #11 striped tank top, #13 solid vintage athletic Jersey tank top

Jeffrey Dahmer's Glasses: #3 clear lens metal frame.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Eyes #4 dolly yellow eyes.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Jacket: #6 trucker jacket.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Watch: #8 Casio white dial stainless steel watch.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Jeans: #9 Levi's 501 original fit jeans.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Belt: #10 Brown, leather belt.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Shoe: #14 White basketball shoes.

Jeffrey Dahmer Court Uniform in a List

Jeffrey Dahmer Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Cosplay

Jeffrey Dahmer's Court Hair: #1 same hair as civilian.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Court Top: #4 bsic black t-shirt.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Court Eyes: #2 vivid blue eyes.

Jeffrey Dahmer' Court Glasses: #3 same as his civilian glasses

Jeffrey Dahmer's Court Uniform: #6 orange coveralls.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Court Shoes: #7 leather slide on sandal.

About Jeffrey Dahmer

Growing up, Dahmer was a socially awkward misfit who, due to his parents' deteriorating marriage, had a volatile temper and a severe case of separation anxiety, best illustrated by Dahmer attempting to physically coerce both Lance Bell and Rodney after he both had decided to go to Dahmer. Dahmer also suffers from self-loathing and at various points delivers demeaning speeches in which he clearly projects all his own problems onto Lance and Rodney.

Dahmer was horrified and disgusted, almost throwing up and could barely look as he dismembered the body, later breaking down crying and drunk and phoning his father Lionel. In the present, however, Dahmer's empathy has been dulled to the point that he shows absolutely no reservations about raping and murdering other men and appears largely impassive while torturing and mutilating one named Khamtay.

Dahmer still shows the occasional flare of humanity; He dropped everything and obliged when his grandmother called to ask him a favor and appeared to like his favorite fish, dismissing Rodney's suggestion that the bettas fight each other for their pleasure while explaining that he was the betta who would remain separate and self-contained because he doesn't want them fighting or killing each other or any of the other fish in the tank.

While Dahmer strangles Rodney towards the end of the film, he seems to just give up midway through and do nothing but stand still and look dazed when Rodney gets up, punches him, and leaves, implying that this is true despite Dahmer's claims to the contrary. His and Rodney's time together had an effect on him, causing him to seemingly spare Rodney.

Attention! Caution contains violence!

Serial killers who targeted high and low-risk sex victims, dismembered and decapitated them, stored their body parts in barrels in some sort of liquid compound and poured unwanted parts into a body of water, and cut the throat of the accident victim and both were killed after altercations with two arrested Police officers.

Matthew Keane "Nighthawk" Both were serial killers who would target young victims, kill them in their homes, dismember them, engage in necrophilia with them, and keep their body parts in containers in their homes, their crimes gaining wide publicity after their arrests. According to numerous interviews in prison and were both murdered prison by fellow inmates. Even their physical appearances are nearly identical.

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